1875: Infographic reveals the year everything changed for drugs

As we all know, drugs are part and parcel of the modern-day world, for both good and bad.

However, according to a recent infographic, if we were to hone in on one significant year, 1875 would be the time in which the world’s perception of drugs changed forever.

This was the year in which the first ever drug control law came into play in the United States, even though it only applied to San Francisco and opium.

Of course, since then, times have changed significantly. While that was the first law, the infographic shows in an easy-to-digest bar chart format the timeline in which these major changes happened. For example, in 1914 came the Harrison Narcotics Act, while ten years later the Anti-Heroin Act came into place. Slowly but surely, as more drugs came into the world, the infographic shows how the authorities started to crack down on them.

While that first movement may have been in 1875, the laws and regulations are still chopping and changing to this day. Perhaps surprisingly, they are going the other way. For a long time we were used to the authorities effectively banning a lot of drugs from public consumption, but now some are starting to turn the other way. We’ve seen this liberal approach with other nations, but particularly in the last ten years the US has introduced a number of legislative changes which mean that decriminalization is the new buzzword.

How long will that last? Well, as the infographic shows, this is a topic that is subject to constant change. If you have the time, we would strongly urge you to take in the below and really get to grips with the progress (or lack of progress, some of you might feel) the U.S. has gone through since that elusive 1875 date.