5 Everyday Exercises for Men

Are you a person who is continuously sticking to the same dull routine of physical activities and exercises there.

Continue reading to find out how you, as a male gym goer, should experiment better with what you can add into your routines to immensely support your personal fitness goals.


To increase your chance of having a healthier and more happier heart, cardio becomes an essential component of the breathing system. You engage in a rhythmic activity that forces your heart rate to rise by pushing more blood and oxygen to travel to all of the muscles. This way you’re also helping your lung capacity and other internal organs to train with efficiency and form a better physical output due to loss of weight. Thanks to a membership registration that is making you a frequent visitor to the nearest gym  often.


The plank is a strength training pose that helps with keeping a strong core and stomach intact. Usually done with steady posture and alignment, you have to be in the same position until you feel a straining sensation in your muscles straining with your body starting to shake depending on how long you hold your body in this way.


You can spend some time with an interactive exercise like the lunges which can do wonders to your body craving for some toning and sculpting without the need to tense the spinal area. Lunges come in many different variations such as curtsy lunges, walking lunges, twisted lunges to name a few.


Spending hours behind a computer screen for much of the day, you will be able to reduce all that pent up stress and tension as well as relieve the pain from your head and stiff neck areas by signing up for a yoga class. The poses are usually composed of deep breathing, mental and physical relaxation and are great for  improving your posture and flexibility and your outlook for a better day.

Functional Training

If you want to reduce the risks of getting injured often, functional training would be the perfect workout  solution to enhance your body posture and balance for easy performance of daily activities along with effectively boosting your brain’s memory power. It should also be noted that as we grow older, the many cells in our body loses their ability to function. In order to build better muscle stability, you can include deadlifts, kettlebells to your jumping, twisting, squatting, lifting movements during training.