5 Surprising Benefits of Massage Therapy

Perhaps one of the most ancient healing traditions is massage. Many ancient people including Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and Indians were convinced of the therapeutic healing properties that massage offers. These people used it to treat various ailments. The therapy involves various body manipulation or kneading methods to work on a person’s muscles and soft tissues to improve health and well-being. Massage can relax, but it can also do much more. If you need massage therapy, you can visit New York, NY health & wellness center to find a talented bodywork specialist. Here are five benefits massage therapy can offer you:

  1.     It helps counteract the sitting you do

Many people experience some postural stress. This kind of stress tends to manifest in an individual’s neck and shoulders. More advanced postural stress can show up as weakness and pain in the lower back and the gluteals. It is usually caused by prolonged periods of sitting and most desk workers do experience it. Massage therapy can help counter that imbalance you get from sitting. This way, you can keep your desk job longer.

  1.     It reduces muscle pain

If you have sore muscles, you can consider massage therapy. It helps increase and enhances circulation. Many studies show that massage therapy can be as effective in treating chronic pain as other treatment methods. It feels the same way you do when you rub your elbow after knocking it on a table. It will relieve the pain. So, consider massage therapy if you are having muscle pain.

  1. Soothes anxiety or depression

Having human touch in a friendly, professional, and safe way can offer a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Women and men who receive massage tend to show reduced depression and less anger. After a massage, patients who are anxious and depressed tend to be more happy and relaxed. They show reduced levels of stress.

  1. Improves sleep

Massage helps encourage a night of restful sleep. It also helps people who cannot have a comfortable rest. Massage helps promote relaxation as well as sleep in people undergoing radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Besides, massage helps infants to sleep more and cry less while being less stressed.

  1. It relieves headaches

If you have a headache, you can try booking a massage session. The therapy helps decrease the frequency as well as the severity of tension headaches. You do not have to worry about headaches that hit you. Patients having chronic tension headaches can get immediate relief when they do massage. Ensure that you let your massage therapist understand your therapy needs.

These are a few ways massage therapy can help you. When considering a massage session, make sure that you seek a bodywork specialist who understands your massage needs. Because massage involves different methods of kneading the soft tissues and muscles, you want it done safely and professionally. The kind of massage you receive depends on what you intend to solve.  It could be chronic pain or even headaches, and your specialist will provide a massage tailored to your health and wellness needs.