5 Things to Know About the Vampire Facial Before You Go

One of the hottest trends in aesthetic medicine right now is the vampire facial. Ever since Kim Kardashian went public with her own experiences, people have been lining up to follow suit. The vampire facial has easily become one of the most sought-after aesthetic procedures.

Perhaps you are thinking about getting a vampire facial yourself. Before you do, make sure to have a lengthy sit-down with a trained doctor. This is not something you should trust to someone who has not been trained. Before you go, here are five things to know about the vampire facial:

1. There Are Needles Involved

Much of what constitutes aesthetic medicine involves needles. The vampire facial is no exception. There are needles, and lots of them. It may not be a desirable choice if you are needle averse. Otherwise, be prepared to be stuck a lot.

A vampire facial begins with a blood draw. Right off the bat you will have a needle stuck in your arm. After the blood is drawn and processed in a centrifuge to isolate platelets, your doctor will administer the material through a micro needling process. Just as its name implies, micro needling involves a lot of needles.

2. It is Bloody

The vampire facial gets its name from the amount of blood involved. You are talking blood drawn from your own body to start the process. As the micro needling commences, all of those tiny little needles puncture the skin. This involves more blood. Again, the vampire facial may not be right for you if the sight of blood makes you queasy.

3. It is Quite Safe

Both blood draws and micro needling are long-established practices in Western medicine. The procedures are safe in and of themselves. As for utilizing them to perform a vampire facial, nothing changes. Safety doesn’t get thrown out the window because the vampire facial is based in PRP therapy.

Remember, you are donating your own blood for your facial. There is no risk of rejection or complications because of someone else’s blood. Your body will accept your own blood without issue.

4. Infection is a Risk

Although the vampire facial is quite safe, there is always a risk of infection when you are talking about puncturing the skin with needles. The key here is sterility. According to Apex Biologix, a Utah company that supplies clinics with stem cell and PRP kits, patients have nothing to worry about as long as the clinics they visit maintain proper procedures for sterilizing equipment.

Yes, infection is always a risk with needles. But you stand no greater risk of infection with the vampire facial than you do with Botox injections, dermal filler injections, or a flu vaccination from the local pharmacy.

5. It’s Not Effective in Every Case

Last but not least, understand that the vampire facial is not effective in every case. Some people who undergo the procedure report excellent results in the days and weeks following. Others see no improvement at all. That is the nature of the beast.

Before you get discouraged however, understand that this aspect of the vampire facial is not unique to the procedure itself. The fact is this: Botox does not work for everyone. Nor do dermal filler injections. In reality, there is no medical procedure on earth that works for everyone who tries it. Different people respond to treatments in different ways.

Now you know more about the vampire facial. If you think it is right for you, look around for a well-respected doctor. Don’t agree to do it until all of your questions are answered.