5 things you didn’t know about flavored condoms

Condoms can be considered to be the easiest and the most used protection method at the time of having case. No matter how many times you are going for the night, every time you are initiating the sex, you use condoms. Well, in earlier days, condoms were available in a normal rubber material, which almost looked like an umbrella head, with just a feature of capturing the semen inside it.

But, the previous design failed to offer protection to both men and women against the very fear of impregnation. That’s when manufacturers decided to study these condoms in detail and work on improvising the features. Thanks to these initiatives, condoms nowadays are safer and more functional. Indeed the rubber or latex sheet doesn’t provide a 100% guarantee; you can still rely on this protection medium.

Now, as we said earlier, several changes were introduced in the design of the condoms so that the object can become more effective and functional. One such change is the introduction of the flavored condoms. Starting from vanilla to chocolate, several favors are present in the market, which has made sex more enjoyable, especially for women.

Since the flavored condoms are mostly chosen, in this article, we will focus on this particular sex protection material. Today, we will talk about the five unknown facts about the types of condoms and their flavors. So, without any further ado, let’s start today’s discussion!

  1. Some flavored condoms exude sweet fragrance

There are some brands which sell flavored condoms having a sweet fragrance. For example, let’s say you want to try brand A’s chocolate flavored condoms and hence, you bought a couple of them for your use. Now, at the time of having sex with someone, you will tear open the foil to take the sheath out. Now, it may happen that along with the chocolate flavor, brand A has also included a sweet aroma of cocoa beans and processed chocolate. The fragrant condoms are quite helpful in overcoming the musky scent of sex in the room.

  1. It is the best preference during oral sex

If you love oral sex, the best option to go for it is by using the flavored condoms. The flavored condoms don’t have that pungent smell and taste of rubber which can make you recoil in disgust. Also, the flavors will help you to perform the oral sex without any hesitation and reluctance. This is why condoms have flavors to help sexually active people enjoy their intimate times.

  1. These helps in preventing STDs

STDs usually spread during oral sex, and that’s where the flavored condoms are going to help you. With the condom being wrapped around the penile length of your partner, your saliva won’t come n direct contact with his skin during the oral sex, thereby preventing the transmission of any communicative disease.

  1. Flavors mean both common to weird combinations

Some condoms are there which have real weird flavor combinations that might excite you during the sex or might dampen your mood completely. So, make sure to check the flavored combination in detail and get a pair of normal condoms also for better purpose.

  1. Sugar-based flavored condoms aren’t good for penetrative sex

Lastly, certain condoms are sugar-based, like the ones made from strawberry or chocolate. The presence of sugar molecules in the rubber sheath will neutralize the pH level in the woman’s vaginal tube, thereby causing infections in her reproductive tract.


There are indeed a lot of speculations about the flavored condoms. Yes, some of those ideals are true while some are completely irrelevant. It’s up to you which perspective you will believe the most- the rational one which will make your sex life interesting or the irrational one.