5 Tips to Recover From Botox More Quickly

Part of the appeal of Botox treatments is that it is a quick procedure and does not require much recovery. Typically the procedure itself will take anything from fifteen to twenty minutes, and you should be able to continue with the rest of your day immediately afterwards.

That being said for a certain amount of time after Botox treatments, you will need to be careful. Complete recovery can take up to a few days, and during that time you should do everything that you can to speed it up.

Avoid Heavy Exercise

Although you don’t need to lie down or remain inactive, you should avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours. In other words you should skip any cardio or resistance workouts during that period, or any other types of exercise that are intense.

Heavy exercise can shift the Botox medication to other areas, causing unwanted side effects. On top of that could make the bruising on your skin more severe too. To avoid all that your best bet is to just stick to normal activity at least for the first day after your treatment.

Leave the Injection Site Alone

It may be tempting to scratch or massage the area of your Botox treatment, but you should definitely curb that impulse for the first 8 hours or more. Any movement in that area could produce unwanted result, and increase the recovery time that is required.

In addition to directly massaging or scratching the area, you should also try to avoid lying down face-first or touching it in general. After the first 8 hours you can gently wash the affected area with soap and water – but not for too long either.

Stay Away From Heat

Heat is a bad for you after you’ve undergone Botox. It will make your blood vessels dilate, which in turn can make any redness, bruising, or swelling in that area much worse. Keep in mind that hot showers, baths, and staying out in the sun should be top of your list of things to avoid.

While you’re avoiding heat, you may want to ice the affected area to provide some relief instead. However if you do apply ice you should only keep it there for a short duration before removing it, i.e. about 20 seconds or so.

 Check Your Medications

Some medications can significantly increase the amount of time that it takes to recover from Botox. In particular blood thinners and some anti-inflammatory drugs can thin your blood and make bruising much worse.

As a rule you should let your Botox London specialist know what medications you’re taking before the procedure, just to be sure. In some cases they may tell you to stop taking medications that are risky for 12 to 24 hours after the treatment.

Final Words

Make no mistake, recovering from Botox really isn’t that complicated and normally it does not take that long. The risk of bruising, redness, and swelling is minimal, and the same goes for other potential side effects too.

By following the tips listed above however, you will effectively err on the side of caution. In other words it will let you almost completely eliminate any risk of complications while you recover, and ensure that you’re fully recovered as quickly as possible.