5 Trendy Fitness Workouts for Ladies

Sometimes when you’re following the same routine in your fitness staple it can get a little monotonous. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with following up on some trendy workouts that dominate the Instagram feed. If you would like to go ahead with some fun mixing up, here are a few workout sessions to consider to sweat your way through success:


Let’s face it. It’s never easy being a woman. A woman’s body goes through plenty during every phase she encounters. For this reason, many experts at the nearest gym have recommended yoga for women to help cope with stress and health conditions caused by work load, poor nutrition and hormone levels during stages in life like adolescence, menstruation, pregnancy and post child birth. Not only will you achieve and maintain flexibility while  pumping of fresh blood gives a glow to the cheeks, yoga also offers relief for women from major mood swings that lead to disharmony and imbalance in their lives.


For the most part mastering a perfect punch can be an excellent full body aerobic exercise choice apart from labelling it as an aggressive medium of staying fit. It helps with liberating yourself from stress and frustration during the training also challenges the muscles to build better alongside achieving 13 calories burnt per minute.


Being a popular physical activity amongst models and celebrities, a Barre class is a thoroughly positive pumping exercise involving ballet movements, pilates strengthening and stretching of yoga. One of the major objectives of barre is to strengthen the glutes and improve your body posture while giving the tummy muscles more definition and keeping them in check.


A 40 minutes of pedalling indoors also popularly known as ‘spinning’ keeps everyone together and is done in groups. This is why it gives off an energetic vibe while sweating all that unwanted calories and building mental strength. Imagine allowing yourself through a strenuous spin class and releasing all the pent up emotions you’ve been having that week.

What’s more? Spinning doesn’t have an injurious impact on the knees like the treadmill, elliptical, and stair stepper equipment do.


If you’re looking for a form of exercise that aims to give you effective results with or without equipment look no further than pilates. Pilates help with postural alignment and moves according to target, especially easing it for those with back pain.