5 Ways Decompression Therapy Can Help Your Spine

Back pain is a common problem among most people. Before you opt for surgery or conclude that you will manage the condition for the rest of your life, it is good to consider spinal decompression therapy. This non-surgical and drug-free treatment can provide relief to your chronic back pain, where other treatment options have failed. Integrative Pain & Spine is a Frisco, TX interventional pain management center that offers hope to patients looking to avoid surgical procedures such as discectomy, spinal fusion, or laminectomy to relieve back pain. Below, we look at how spinal decompression can offer relief to back pain due to stenosis or a herniated disc.

  1. Helps Relieve Nerve Pressure

During treatment, your spine is gently repositioned using a machine. This helps get rid of pressure, which can make the discs in your spine go out of place and press against the nerves. You may notice numbness, tingling, and sharp shooting pain that starts from your back and spreads to the thighs and legs. Decompression creates negative pressure, which helps reduce pain and inflammation.

  1. Helps Prevent Spinal Surgery

After physical therapy and chiropractic care have failed to offer relief against back pain, you may turn to therapeutic injections. However, these injections only provide short-term relief against back pain. You might be afraid that surgery is the only way to deal with your problem. Spinal decompression can help you avoid or postpone a surgery since it gives your herniated discs a chance to reoccupy their slots.

  1. Helps Your Spine Heal From Chronic Pain

Spinal decompressions address both the causes and the symptoms that cause acute and chronic back pain. Disc herniation causes inflammation and swelling, which are the significant causes of pain in the spine. Spinal decompression enables your body to heal without requiring surgery.

  1. Gently Stretches Your Spine

It is difficult for parts of your spine to return to their original position when your spine becomes compressed. Decompression therapy helps to temporarily expand the spine so that discs can assume their correct position. Additionally, spinal decompression also allows fluid to circulate to previously restricted areas, helping in the supply of nutrients required for healing. Your doctor may incorporate other treatment methods such as electrical stimulation and cold laser.

  1. Fast Relief

Spinal decompression treatment is pain-free, has little discomfort, and lasts under 45 minutes. You will experience significant relief from pain after the first treatment, although you will have to undergo several sessions to get full healing. You may require several visits to your doctor in a week for one month or more, depending on the severity of your pain. Dr. Badiyan wants to ensure that your spine retains its correct position and the discs assume their preferred spots. This will give you long-lasting relief from back pain.

Do not allow pain to prevent you from engaging in activities that excite you. Contact Integrative Pain & Spine today to learn more about how your back pain can be treated without medication and surgery.