A Guide to Latisse Treatment

Latisse (Bimatoprost) is an FDA-approved treatment that is meant to lengthen and thicken the eyelashes. It was approved in 2008 and is the only medication that is scientifically proven to enhance growth of human lashes.

Latisse in San Jose is a safe, effective option for providing one’s lashes with more length, volume, thickness and darkness without the use of mascara or fake lashes.

Since it’s a fairly new treatment, getting trustworthy information about Latisse on the internet can be a relatively hard process. In this article, we take a look at what Latisse is and how effective it is.

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a tropic solution that one applies on their upper eyelashes using a sterile applicator. When used on a daily basis, Latisse can promote the growth of longer, darker and thicker lashes. The treatment is a perfect solution to those who usually use lots of mascara to improve their overly thin eyelashes.

Bimatoprost is the active ingredient in Latisse. It is designed to correct hypotrichosis, which is a condition that leads to inadequate development of eyelashes.

Generally, it takes around four weeks for the medication to produce a noticeable change in the length and thickness of the lashes. If one uses Latisse daily, he or she may notice the final results in around four months.

Similar to many other cosmetic treatments, Latisse was originally created for a different use. It was originally developed for the purpose of treating ocular hypertension, which is a glaucoma risk factor.

During testing, scientists discovered that patients who were given bimatoprost began to get longer, thicker, darker lashes. From there, bimatoprost was incorporated into a new treatment made specifically to enhance the growth of lashes.

How effective is Latisse?

Many people who apply Latisse regularly, notice a significant improvement in eyelash growth after a few months.

In a 2016 study, researchers showcased that bimatoprost works effectively at enhancing eyelash prominence. The scientists discovered that 70.8% of adolescents treated with bimatoprost grew thicker, longer lashes after four months of use vs. 26.1% who applied placebo.

It’s worth mentioning that while Latisse is effective at boosting the appearance of eyelashes, it doesn’t always work for everybody. Certain types of eyelash loss including alopecia areata, might not improve with application of bimatoprost.

How to Use Latisse

Since Latisse is a prescription medication, people need to consult a doctor before purchasing it. Additionally, Latisse is made as a cosmetic treatment, so it’s usually not covered under health insurance plans. However, for those who have a health condition like hypotrichosis, insurers may provide some form of coverage for Latisse treatment.

Using Latisse is simple, just follow the steps below:

  • The most appropriate time to apply the solution is at night. That’s because there’s no risk of makeup getting in the way of medication. But, it’s also okay to apply Latisse in the morning hours before applying makeup and other skincare products.
  • The eyelids and surrounding skin should be clean before application of Latisse. Makeup and contact lenses should also be removed before using the medication.
  • To prevent entry of bacteria into the eyes, one should wash their hands thoroughly before using Latisse.
  • To apply Latisse, use one of the sterile applicators that come with the product. Hold the applicator in a horizontal position, and then apply a single drop of the solution to the tool.
  • Using the applicator, put the solution on the base of the upper eyelashes. The solution should not enter the eyes, and any excess product should be blotted away with a cotton pad. Latisse should not be applied on the lower lashes.
  • After applying the Latisse to one eye, the applicator should be disposed of, and a new one should be used for the other eye.

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