Advantages of Prolozone Therapy

Integrative Medica is the place to go if you are looking for prolozone therapy in Salt Lake City. Prolozone therapy is increasingly being used for chronic pain and injuries.

Prolozone therapy is a type of non-surgical treatment mostly used for joint and ligament reconstruction. It utilizes ozone to stimulate collagen, cartilage, and tissue regeneration.

There are tremendous benefits to having prolozone therapy including:

Better Circulation

Prolozone therapy leads to better circulation in the body. Circulation means there are different elements circulating in the body and they need to go to a specific place.

When you have damaged tissues, they do not always have adequate circulation. Once they are regenerated, they will have better circulation.

Prolozone therapy is especially great for oxygen circulation. Since there is more oxygen in the body, bodily processes function a lot better than before the therapy.

Detoxifies the Liver

The liver’s main function is to remove harmful toxins from the blood. However, sometimes the toxins remain in the liver and make it toxic.

One of the side effects of prolozone therapy is that it removes any unwanted toxins from the liver. It does so mainly by adding oxygen to the body which releases energy causing organs to function at a higher capacity.

The more detoxified your liver, the better it will function. That means that your blood will also contain fewer toxins.

Improves the Lymphatic System

Another way that prolozone therapy helps purify the blood is by improving the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is responsible for waste removal in the body.

Prolozone therapy improves the lymphatic system in the same way it improves the liver. The lymphatic system functions more efficiently which means higher purity of blood.

The lymphatic system is also responsible for the absorption of fatty acids into the blood. These fatty acids are very important, especially for brain function.

Better Immune System

The idea behind prolozone therapy is to take advantage of the body’s healing ability. The therapy serves to speed up immune responses.

Prolozone therapy leads to an improved lymphatic system which is responsible for the production of white blood cells. It also improves the activity of the white blood cells.

Therefore, your immune system is better equipped to fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, and cancer cells. The benefits of a better immune system cannot be understated especially during these trying times.

Improved Metabolism

The metabolic processes are the actions of your cells. Since the cells make up the body, the better your cells function, the better you function.

Prolozone therapy has been shown to improve metabolic function in many people. Therefore, they also have better overall health after the therapy.

When you have a better metabolic function, you will store less fat than you otherwise would. Prolozone therapy patients have been found to have lower cholesterol after treatment.

Slow Aging

Prolozone therapy may also cause you to appear much younger than you actually are. The combination of a better immune system, circulation, lymphatic system, metabolic functions, and overall health slows down the natural aging system to an amazing effect.

If you regularly undergo prolozone therapy, you will appear much younger than other people your age. In addition to your appearance, your athletic performance will also improve.