Advantages of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine has gained a lot of traction in the past few years due to the amazing benefits it offers. The Integrity Center for Regenerative Medicine is one of the foremost centers for regenerative medicine in the country.

Regenerative medicine and therapy are mainly being used to treat chronic pain issues. It focuses on the repairing of tissues and the strengthening of tendons to minimize or completely eradicate chronic pain.

Some of the main advantages of regenerative medicine include:

Enhanced Healing

Traditional methods of treating chronic pain such as pain medication and surgery often simply treat the symptoms of the pain. Therefore, the pain is bound to return time and time again until the root of the issue is addressed.

Regenerative medicine does just the opposite. Its aim is to fix the root cause of the pain so that the pain simply goes away.

An example of this is stem cell therapy which delivers growth factors to the area suffering from pain to help in the regeneration of damaged tissue. With regenerative medicine, patients experience less pain while healing more conclusively.

Promotes Functional Healing

Some traditional methods of treating chronic pain may have been successful but they may have had the side effect of leaving the painful area incapacitated. For example, you may no longer feel the pain in your elbow due to pain medication but it may leave you unable to move your arm.

Regenerative medicine and therapy, on the other hand, encourages the body to produce collagen which leads to tendons and tissues becoming stronger. When tendons and tissues around the joints are strong, you can experience a wider range of motion as it pertains to movement.

Therefore, in addition to alleviating the pain, your body will still be functional and operate better than before.

Faster Recovery

Most methods of pain alleviation such as pain medication or spinal cord stimulation produce very fast results. However, the results are very short-lived.

Surgical procedures used to treat chronic pain in the long term also tend to be very invasive and take longer to heal. You will spend longer in recovery which means a longer time away from work; more pain and higher bills.

When using regenerative medicine to treat chronic pain, growth factors, introduced to tissues and tendons, quickly activate their healing process which leads to faster healing times. You will be able to return to your normal life and perform your beloved activities in a shorter time frame.

Minimal Injuries in the Future

One reason why traditional methods fail at treating chronic pain is by treating the symptoms, the patient will return to their normal activities. Since the root cause of the problem still exists, they tend to injure themselves in the same place and the pain returns.

With regenerative treatment, the root of the issue is addressed. The collagen around the joints is strengthened which also means that there is less risk of injuries in the future than with other forms of treatment.

Regenerative therapy is one of the best solutions to acute and chronic pain and is definitely worth a try.