All you wanted to know about a urologist

There are different branches of medicine, urology being one of them that focuses exclusively on the urinary system, right from the kidneys to prostate and penis. A urologist is someone who specializes in treating conditions and diseases of the urinary tract, and also the male reproductive system. If you need to take a family member to a urologist in Queens New York, here are some things worth knowing.

The basics

Many urologists specialize in treatment of specific urinary tract problems. For instance, you may come across urologists dealing with patients of male infertility. There are other branches of urology, such as neuro-urology (treatment of problems related to nervous system and urinary tract), urologic oncology (treatment of cancers related to urinary system), pediatric urology (conditions related to urinary tract of children), and female urology (focusing on problems of female reproductive system). Most urologists who treat the reproductive system only limit their practice for men, and they may work at a private clinic, hospital, or special urology centers.

When to see a urologist?

If you have specific problems related to the urinary system, you may head to a urologist, but typically, your general physician will recommend the same. Common conditions treated by urologists include erectile dysfunction, kidney ailments, prostatitis, cancers related to the urinary system, and Urinary tract infections (UTIs). Women may visit a urologist as well, especially for conditions like UTIs, urinary system cancers, and urinary incontinence.

Arranging for a consultation

Visiting a urologist may not be as serious as you imagine, and the first visit is usually about discussing your condition and problems. Urologists also have experience in vasectomy and may offer advice on various aspects of male infertility, as well. You can check online to find the top-rated urologists in your area in NY and schedule an appointment to know more.