Benefits of Dental implants to Oral Health

Delray Beach dental implants are a common solution to oral health problems. Dental implants are one of the long term and most efficient solutions to dental issues such as missing teeth.

Dental implants, if installed correctly, are permanent and never require maintenance. Moreover, the teeth supported by the implant will be made to look and feel as natural as your other teeth.

The vast majority of people get dental implants for purely cosmetic reasons. They offer plenty of benefits in that regard including a more natural smile, makes chewing easier, and improves speech.

However, dental implants can benefit your oral health as well in the following ways:

Improves Periodontal Health

Dental implants are predominantly used to fix missing teeth due to injuries or dental extractions. Bacteria can build up in the empty space left behind by removing the tooth and damage the gums extensively.

When the bacterial infection is not rectified, it will eventually lead to gum disease. Gum or periodontal health is very crucial to the proper functioning of your oral cavity.

By replacing missing teeth with teeth supported by dental implants, you protect the health of your gums. Otherwise, they could erode, leading to further dental issues.

Prevention Against Future Dental Problems

Some teeth need to be completely extracted because dental solutions such as a root canal will not work. When teeth are severely damaged, they are more prone to further bacterial infection and damage.

Bacteria can invade even the tiniest of oral cavities and will weaken the surrounding teeth and tissue. Eventually, it will lead to decay and infection.

By using dental implants as a solution, you strengthen the foundation of the teeth for your oral health. That way, more serious dental problems are avoided in the future.

Jawbone Preservation

When you lose or remove a tooth from its roots, the jawbone ends up being very exposed. The reason is that the area above the jawbone is no longer getting the stimulation it got from the tooth through chewing and speaking.

The stimulation of the jawbone is what signals to the brain that the area requires nourishment. The lack of stimulation means no nourishment is directed to the jawbone and hence its erosion becomes imminent.

A dental implant is the only dental solution that can replace the root of the tooth and offer the jawbone a necessary stimulation. It will stop and in some cases reverse jawbone deterioration.

Healthy Surrounding Teeth

The vast majority of dental restorative solutions like dental bridges negatively affect the rest of your oral cavity particularly the surrounding teeth. They usually need to be modified for them to accommodate and support the dental prosthetic.

That is not the case with dental implants that use titanium fused to the jawbone. They function just as the roots of the tooth would, and do not require the surrounding teeth to be modified in any manner whatsoever.

When all your teeth are healthy and in their original shape & size, your oral health is all but guaranteed. Otherwise, you may have to get other teeth removed to accommodate the dental solution.