Benefits of IVF

Just like in any other city in the country, In-Vitro Fertilization services are increasingly becoming popular in Santa Monica, California. There are excellent centers to perform IVF / embryo transfer in Santa Monica.

For couples who are unable to bear a child on their own, IVF offers many benefits. These include same-sex couples or couples suffering from infertility.

There are numerous advantages including: 

1.  Can Be Used by Anybody

There is no restriction as to who can utilize in-Vitro Fertilization. As long as you prove that you are capable of raising a child, you can use IVF to conceive one.

Moreover, it does not matter whether one individual of a couple is infertile as the sperm and the egg come from fertile individuals. On the other hand, if one is fertile, their sperm or egg can be used in the fertilization process.

You should note that you will need a surrogate or gestational carrier for IVF. Therefore, you can be involved in the pregnancy if you please.

2.   You Control the Timing

Unlike getting pregnant in a natural way, you can control the timing with IVF. Many of us live busy lives which means that if we can plan a pregnancy for an ideal time we could and that is what IVF offers.

In a natural pregnancy, it is more a matter of trial and error though there are things you can do to increase your chances. With IVF, you will know everything about the pregnancy from the beginning to the end.

Granted, there are always surprises when it involves a process as intricate as the birth of a child. However, no other method offers control over family planning and timing in the way IVF does.

3.  Better Chances of a Healthy Baby

Even though a child is conceived, the chances of becoming a healthy infant diminish every day until it is born. IVF offers you better odds that your child will be healthy throughout the pregnancy until birth.

With genetic screening, doctors are now able to monitor every little aspect of a child’s development, from embryo to fetus, to baby. If there is any issue, it can simply be rectified as soon as possible.

Moreover, they can remove unwanted traits such as sickle cell anemia or Down’s Syndrome which are genetic defects that can affect the rest of your child’s life.

4. Successful Track Record

If you use IVF to conceive and grow a child, you are standing behind a long and successful track record so you can rest assured of success. IVF has been used successfully since 1978.

Since then the technology has only gotten more accurate and processes more refined. Fewer drugs are used than with any other method and it is now safer than ever to use IVF.

5. You Can Help Others

IVF can result in multiple successful embryos that you have the choice as to how to use. One way you can use them is by donating them to others, hence others achieve the dream you are also trying to achieve.

Moreover, if there is no recipient, you can donate the embryo to scientific research. That way, you benefit lots of people like you in the future.