Beyond Boredom and Bingo: Activities Seniors Will Truly Enjoy

In the past, the concept of assisted living used to be about spending hours on a couch and watching TV all day, sitting on a rocking chair, or occasionally playing bingo with a group of other seniors. These days, however, seniors are looking for more adventures, opportunities to learn new things, and just about anything that offers a lot of stimulation.

Those who live in a retirement home in Ogden and many other cities realize that they have plenty of chances for engagement in these types of communities than at home. However, the fun does not come in just a single form.

If you’re looking for great activities for seniors, whether you’re volunteering at a local retirement home or just need some fun ideas for your grandparents and their friends, here are some options:

Dancing, Singing and Other Performance Arts

No matter what your age is, music will always be enjoyable. Dancing to some great music can be a great form of exercise while also having fun, connecting the body to healing rhythms. The same can be said for singing.

Regardless of your singing ability, it’s always fun to sing in front of an audience where you can enjoy the humor in your efforts and just let go of yourself while having a great time. If you’re more into acting or stand-up comedy, this can be an opportunity to share your stories in humorous, creative ways.

Other than ballroom dancing, try salsa and swing dancing. Seniors’ or all-ages karaoke night can be really fun, too. Joining a comedic improv or reading stories to children are other options as well

Gardening and Book Clubs

Gardening is an excellent way to step outside, breathe some fresh air, and stay close to nature. Of course, this is also a great way to be active and connected to others with the same interest. Planting, weeding, and digging in the dirt can be very relaxing to many seniors (as long as they don’t bend too much).

The best thing about gardening is that the seniors get to see the results of their hard work. Whether they chose to plant some tasty veggies or grow some beautiful, colorful flowers, there’s always something satisfying about taking care of a garden.

Book clubs, on the other hand, are great for avid readers. They can share their opinions about a book they read or listen to other people share their recommendations. These are perfect as they help seniors stay sharp and mentally alert.

Field Trips and Excursions

Even for those who live in a vibrant assisted living community, seniors will always crave seeing other places and exploring new things. So, make sure to always include special trips and programs for seniors. You can take them to museums, botanical gardens, sporting events, carnivals, comedy clubs, wineries and symphonies.

There are even some community service organizations where seniors can offer their help and do some volunteer work.