Bursting Myths about Facials

You may have already had a hydrafacial or have heard or seen it on your favorite influencer’s social media pages. This non-invasive skin treatment procedure is plagued with many controversies due to misinformation among the masses. Your Chicago hydrafacial specialist asserts that this is the go-to procedure to help you eliminate hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and oily and congested pores to give you an instant glow. This is probably why it is performed every 15 seconds in America.

Bad stories about botched beauty treatments can make you fear going for a hydrafacial. This is why it is essential to be armed with the correct information to help you set the truth apart from myths.

Myth 1: Facials and Chemical Peels can Leave Your Skin Irritated and Red

What you mostly hear are stories of brides going for facials and getting a red face after treatment. What the proponents of this theory do not tell you is the kind of materials used in such treatments. The use of peels that contain harsh chemicals is the reason as to why most people have little or no success with chemical peels. A gentle chemical peel has no downtime, is not painful and leaves no redness on your face. There are many facial treatment options, and your doctor will advise on what is the best option for you during the consultation. Dr. Mick and his team will start by analyzing your skin to make your treatment comfortable and relaxing. Always seek treatment from accredited providers who use quality products.

Myth 2: Facials are Painful

Some people argue that facials are painful. However, when you visit Elysium SurgiSpa, Dr. Mick and his team will give you a delightful moment free from any fright. Most people think that acne, and other conditions, treated by hydrafacial are a result of hygiene problems. However, most of these conditions are caused by a change in hormone levels. Facials help enhance the production of oil in the skin to help in the removal of toxic wastes. Your esthetician aims at giving you a calming and relaxing experience during treatment. The treatment feels like a warm massage.  

Myth 3: Facials are Pointless

Although we have heard some grim myths about facials, the worst is that they are pointless. The foundation of this grave notion is that a facial does not deliver immediate results and that treatment does not work. This is not true since you can obtain significant results after your first session. It is vital for you to understand that facials are similar to hitting the gym, where results manifest gradually. Further, facials can help you get rid of redness and breakouts to leave your skin looking healthy and rejuvenated.

We all desire to have smooth and clear-looking skin, but believing in common myths can leave you with an appearance that is wanting. Stop being duped into believing in misinformation. Start going for facials and you will notice a vast difference in your appearance.