Comprehensive Eye Care You Can Trust

Your eyes are one of the crucial organs in your body. They play a vital role in giving you vision, primarily when they are functioning optimally. However, the natural aging process may not favor the eyes. The eyes can go through changes causing vision complications that require expert attention.

For several decades, Wolchok Eye Associates, PA has helped patients navigate the changes associated with aging, intending to maintain clear vision and excellent eye health. This has been achieved through accurate diagnosis and innovative treatments, including eye exams and glasses. Here are several eye care services that can guarantee you optimal vision and enhanced quality of life.

Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are caused by natural changes in your eyes and can create clouding in the lens and blurred vision. They can also be caused by trauma in your eyes or underlying chronic conditions. Surgery can be recommended to remove cataracts after close evaluation and monitoring because cataracts grow slowly and may not require surgery immediately.

Your Wolchok Eye Associates, PA provider, uses a femtosecond laser removal procedure to treat your condition. This is a unique and cutting-edge approach compared to the traditional cataract surgery procedure.


This is among the most common causes of blindness for people over 40 and therefore needs to be a top priority eye care. It causes serious optic nerve damage due to too much fluid in your eyes or when the iris is close to the drainage angle.

Glaucoma treatments include conservative care, laser surgery, and surgical procedures.

Macular Degeneration

This is a condition caused by the deteriorating of the middle portion of your retina. This affects imaging to your brain and can affect your ability to focus efficiently. Several techniques can be used to control this condition, depending on our needs. They include lifestyle changes, low vision rehab, laser surgery, telescopic lens implantation, photodynamic therapy, and anti-VEGF drug infection.


This is spots and shadows that form and move around your visual field and can be a symptom of a more severe complication such as retinal detachment. In most cases, there is no treatment required for the floaters, but laser treatment or surgical procedures can be applied if they cause vision problems.

Eye Exam and Glasses

It is necessary to assess your eyes’ health in all aspects to detect any underlying eyesight condition you might have. At Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, the top-advanced technology is used to customize your eye exam.

Eyeglasses can be your ticket to improved vision, and during your eye exams, your provider can prescribe glasses depending on your needs.

Dry Eyes and Red Eyes

This is a condition of insufficiency of healthy eye moisture that keeps your eye comfortably lubricated. It can also be due to tearing imbalance and can cause light sensitivity and blurred vision, among other symptoms. The condition can be treated through artificial tear solutions, gentle eyelid massage, punctual plugs, or prescription eye drops.

Dry eyes can result in red eyes, a condition of severe irritation, infection, or blood vessel swelling. This can be diagnosed through the latest technologies and treated through eye drops and eye surgery, among other options depending on your needs.

While you cannot prevent the natural aging process that affects your eye, you can seek comprehensive eye care to countercheck any changes and maintain a clear vision. Contact Wolchok Eye Associates, PA, to learn more about the care you need.