Cosmetic Surgery: An Overview of Breast Implants and its Types

For a couple of reasons, a woman may need breast implants. Whether you have given birth or lost some weight, there are solutions to help you look and feel good. Due to advancements in technology, cosmetic procedures are much safer than before. The process is painless, and the results are as real as normal breasts.

A look at the procedure

Since breasts in women continue developing into their twenties, teenagers cannot undertake breast implants. An experienced surgeon has the expertise to conduct a successful procedure. Check out for the relevant licensing and practice certificates before choosing the surgeon to use.

It is a must to have an evaluation by a doctor or surgeon before undergoing the treatment. The surgeon will take your medical history, and you can discuss the type of implant you are looking for. You can find in-patient or out-patient services for cosmetic surgery.

Options Available

There are 3 categories;

  • Breast Augmentation; is focused on changing the outlook of the breasts. It may include changing the contour, size, or appearance of the organs. This is the most common procedure for adults after breastfeeding and weight loss. The surgeon creates incisions around the breast to recreate how they appear. A patient can find an ideal size of implant that she dreams about. One of most popular must be the gummy bear implants. Others are textured, smooth, or round.
  • Breast Reduction; women with large breasts usually feel uncomfortable. The procedure aims to reduce the breast’s size by removing tissues, excess fat, and skin.
  • Reconstruction; is common with female patients undergoing cancer treatments. The procedure recreates the breasts to give them a look that appeals to you. It is safe to undertake the procedure, and it does not affect cancer treatment and therapy.

Types of Breast implants

Gummy Bear Breast implants

The implant is currently trending because they do not change shape. Apart from its natural feel, the gummy bear implants do not leak easily.

Silicone Breast implants

The procedure uses silicone gel and a shell to recreate the breasts. There is minimal risk of leakage, and they do not collapse easily. It is vital to undergo routine checkups with a surgeon post-treatment. Monitoring is important for functionality and to ensure that the procedure is successful.

Saline Breast Implants

Surgeons use saltwater that undergoes sterilization to make it free of germs. In case there is leakage, the body will naturally dispel the water from the body. The body can also absorb it. Saline breast implants are firm, and they offer uniformity in both breasts. Surgeons can structure them to have a natural feeling.

Textured Implants

The procedure reduces the risks of developing a scar where the incisions were made. They are firm and maintain their position long after the procedure.

Smooth Implants

They are soft and give a natural feeling to the breasts. The implants move in the same way that a natural breast does.

Round implants

It makes the breasts to protrude. The round shape reduces the likelihood of the implants looking distorted.