Do you Know the Herniated Disc Condition?

Often, you will hear people saying that health is akin to wealth. It is a statement that you will never appreciate unless you get sick. But we pray that you do not get sick before acknowledging the truth in this saying.

Well, let’s talk of a condition whose dominance in the recent past cannot go unnoticed. This condition affects the rubbery disc between your spinal bones. It is the herniated disc condition. If you have it, a visit to Dr. Bart Gatz would come in handy.

Undeniably, this condition is severe for many. But what matters most is getting enough information. What a better way to do this than to explore the following?

What is a herniated disc?

Are you ever worried that back pain could sneak up on you in the unlikeliest times? Now assuming this pain keeps radiating through the lower part of the body for a while. It could be this herniated disc condition. It involves the slipping of the disc between two vertebrae.

This slipping will undoubtedly result in unimaginable pain and irritation to the surrounding nerves. Usually, it would be best for you to consider getting medical assistance immediately.

Maybe, a look into some of the top causes of this condition could come in handy. Well, the truth is, there are no many causes to this problem. Any injury or strain could expose you to the illness.

However, the older you are, the more vulnerable you are to the condition. Remember, age comes with the degeneration of the disc material. For this reason, any minor injury could get a senior exposed. It would be right for the old to be relatively more careful when twisting or turning. Did you know that sneezing could easily rupture this disc?

Are there symptoms of a herniated disc?

Indeed, conditions tend to manifest distinct signs. This illness is no exception. Usually, it features various symptoms, including the following.

  • Excessive pain along your spine, especially in the lower part of it. The pain could extend to various parts of your abdomen
  • Discomfort whenever you become more active
  • Unusual nerve compression within your neck

Diagnosis and Treatment

In most cases, once you note these symptoms, you will need to start preparing for a medical appointment. The urgent evaluation will save your life. Reduce your activities for at least two days. Further, you will need to keep away from radiographic imaging.

Often, they will carry out an x-ray to determine which part of the vertebrae is affected. You could also undergo a CT scan to determine the shape of your spinal canal and its contents. Also, an MRI, myelogram, and an electromyogram could come in handy.

In most cases, the treatment could be a surgery, non-surgical, a lumbar spine procedure, or a cervical spine surgery. The choice will be dependent on how severe your condition is. In the case of surgery, you will need to be in stable health but have lost bowel functionalities.

To sum up, you cannot ignore the impact of a herniated disc in one’s life. It could be fatal. However, with immediate and appropriate treatment, you will be safe.