Dr. James M. Lee Jr.; the Best Bet in Town?

Have you ever experienced searing pain in your knee or shoulder that never goes away? Well, worry no more because Dr. James M. Lee, a specialist orthopedic surgeon in West Orange, NJ will ensure quality treatment for you. Dr. Lee Jr. is well educated in orthopedic surgery, having started his studies at Emory University and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Anthropology in 1998. In 2002, Dr. Lee graduated with a medical degree after attending the prestigious Temple University. He did his in house training in orthopedic surgery at Rutgers University. Dr. Lee then finished his fellowship at Georgetown University/Nirschl Orthopedic Center Sports Medicine.

Dr. Lee’s Specialties

Besides being well trained in his field, he has practiced as the director of sports medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center. Dr. Lee specializes in the following procedures:

  •       Sports medicine
  •       Shoulder injuries
  •       Fractures
  •       Joint replacement surgery

Dr. Lee works hand in hand with you when developing a treatment plan geared towards ensuring:

  •       Improved body function
  •       Reinstating range of motion
  •       Improving the general quality of your life

5 Common Services Provided by Dr. Lee

  1.     Shoulder replacement

Shoulder replacement can be a very complicated procedure, so Dr. Lee will use non-invasive methods to correct the problem. If the damage to the shoulder is extensive and irreversible, then Dr. Lee performs surgery to ensure the joint’s normal function. Some common issues that may lead you to consider shoulder replacement include:

  •       Post-traumatic arthritis
  •       Rheumatoid arthritis
  •       Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint
  1.     Rotator Cuff Healing and Repair

The rotator cuff refers to muscles that keep the upper arm ball attached to the scapula’s socket. Movement of the arm around the cavity of the shoulder plate is made possible by the rotator cuff. Damage to the rotator cuff could be sports-related or merely accidental. The damage occurs when excess pressure is exerted on the rotator cuff. Dr. Lee uses physical therapy to treat cuff muscle injuries if they are not extensive.  If they are serious injuries, surgery is performed to correct the issue.

  1.     Sports Medicine

Sports medicine entails; prevention of injury, fitness training, and exercise medicine. With his many years of experience in sports medicine, Dr. Lee designs the best programs to enable you to be the top player on the team. These programs revolve around:

  •       Training
  •       Weight
  •       Diet

Holistic treatment offered by Dr. Lee involves:

  •       Advising coaches on injury prevention
  •       Providing dietary and supplementary advice
  •       Conditioning athletes
  1.     Hip Pain Relief

Hip pain can be caused by factors ranging from disease to trauma. Common causes of hip pain include:

  •       Cancer
  •       Dislocation
  •       Fracture
  •       Osteoporosis

Dr. Lee provides a variety of interventions to mitigate pain including rest, ice, and pain relievers. If damage to the hip is extensive, he performs hip replacement surgery.

  1.     Knee Pain Relief

Apart from an ACL tear, ligament injury, dislocation, and avascular necrosis, osteoarthritis is the primary cause of knee pain, especially if you are not an athlete. Osteoarthritis is caused by the wear of cartilage between the joints in the knee. Common symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  •       Tenderness around the knee
  •       Stiffness
  •       Pain around the knee

If the damage is not extensive, Dr. Lee would suggest; anti-inflammatory drugs, rest, ice, and elevation. If the damage to the knee is irreversible, Dr. Lee will perform knee replacement surgery to do away with the pain permanently.

Use of Medical Marijuana

Dr. Lee is licensed to incorporate marijuana use under the New Jersey laws. After running your medical history and ascertaining that your condition would benefit from medical marijuana, Dr. Lee prescribes drugs to improve your personalized treatment. Dr. Lee also provides advice on how to ingest medical marijuana.


Dr. Lee enjoys positive reviews from his esteemed customers due to his exemplary approach to treatment in general and his specialization in orthopedic surgery. Call or book an appointment online now to get that life-changing treatment for that pain in your bone or muscles!