Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Addiction Recovery.

Drug addiction is a modern-day scourge that is negatively impacting communities all across the country. The recent opioid crisis has shed much-needed light on the subject. But even before the opioid crisis drug addiction in the form of cocaine addiction, heroin addiction, and other forms of addiction have been widespread and impactful to communities for decades.

Even before the opioid epidemic, the crack cocaine epidemic took center stage as the epidemic that was most impactful to communities across the country but even more so to poor and minority communities.

The crack cocaine epidemic ravaged and destroyed many once-promising communities. It was the scourge of the 90s. And even before the crack cocaine epidemic, the heroin epidemic took center stage as the epidemic that was ravaging many poor and minority communities.

Fast forward to the 2000s and now you have the opioid epidemic that’s now impacting many suburban neighborhoods. Unfortunately, drug addiction is a personal struggle that for many it’s hard to overcome.

There are many roadblocks to overcoming drug addiction like the fear of what lurks on the other side of addiction. Those fears come in many shapes and forms.

And they all impede one’s ability to overcome the shackles of addiction. Let’s examine a few of the roadblocks to overcoming addiction and how we can defeat them.

The Fear Of Failure Or Relapse.

Probably one of the most common fears of overcoming addiction is the fear of failure or relapse. This is a common fear that prevents most addicts from even starting the process of overcoming addiction.

And it is a reasonable fear when you consider in many cases it does take multiple attempts before the person can overcome the addiction. But those failures are a part of the learning process to ultimately fully overcoming drug addiction.

Because with each setback you gain knowledge which makes you wiser and better equipped to overcome in repeat attempts. So don’t be discouraged when you stumble in your journey towards sobriety and or overcoming drug addiction.

Because it’s all a part of the learning process equipping you with the knowledge and insights to be able to ultimately be successful in your efforts at overcoming drug addiction.

The Fear Of Responsibilities Of Sobriety.

Another fear that prevents many addicts from seeking help is the fear of the responsibilities of sobriety. In other words, the addicted person fears the responsibilities that will result from overcoming the addiction.

And many addicts, unfortunately, have very few responsibilities. They normally just wake up with their primary motivation being where they’re going to get their next fix from.

They don’t have a structured lifestyle where they need to be concerned about going to work or making a living. Paying bills and meeting other responsibilities are normally foreign to them.

And even proper hygiene for that matter. They often fear they’ll have to deal with the fear and responsibilities that come with having a job. And the many other responsibilities that come with that.

The key to overcoming this specific fear or any fear for that matter is to use the same motivation you used when you embarked on the journey to addiction recovery. Apply that same motivation to overcoming the fear and responsibility of sobriety.

The Fear Of Loneliness.

Another fear that many addicts have that prevents them from seeking help is the fear of loneliness. Unfortunately with drug addiction comes many bad relationships. Birds of a feather do in fact flock together. Addiction recovery is a personal and selfish journey.

So many of the relationships that the addict has established over time, unfortunately, are toxic relationships with many of those friends and or acquaintances sharing the same or similar problems.

And if you’re going to be successful at overcoming addiction many of these toxic relationships have to be ended. Because you’ll never be successful at overcoming drug addiction while associating with individuals who share the same addictions and who will obviously be encouraging you to continue in the addiction especially when it’s beneficial for them.

But unfortunately, the loss of these friends for many can prove to be traumatic and can create a sense of loneliness. This, unfortunately, prevents many people who are addicted to drugs and or alcohol from seeking help to overcome the addiction.