Factors to consider when choosing a cannabis dispensary

The legalization of marijuana has made cannabis dispensaries to sprout in many places. For this reason, one who may require cannabis and its products, is often spoilt for choice as to where to go to for it. While there is more than one cannabis dispensary in Venice, Los Angeles that offers excellent service, you are more often than not likely to get confused about where you should go to. With these few factors to keep in mind, you can make the right decision on the cannabis dispensary that will work for you


 As much as there may be many dispensaries that are out to get clients, not all of them know what you need or how to prescribe a dosage.

For this reason, ensure you go to a place with experienced staff. One way to know if they are experienced is to ask as many questions as you can. Take the time also to find out if they are certified, as this is the easiest way to know if they are a legit business. Avoid places that offer you too good to be true offers and those that do not answer all the questions you have about the product you are keen on taking.


 As is with every business, you need to go to a place that picks their calls and responds to their emails. This shows they care about their business and are serious. Places with emails that bounce back to those that may not pick their phones even during office hours have red tape over them. You should be able to contact them through the phone should you have any issues with your prescription.

Customer friendliness

 Since you are getting a service, you have to get a place that has excellent customer service. How you are treated, the way your questions are answered, and even the packaging for the product are some of the things you need to be on the lookout for. Go to a place where you feel welcome, as this is one way to guarantee the quality of the products you get.

Payment methods

 Since there is medical cannabis, you can get your insurance to cover for your prescription. There are, however, places that may not allow you to get your prescription with your insurance. Take the time to find out what your payment options are before you settle for a dispensary in your area. Getting a place that accepts your insurance will help you spend less on medication. If they do not accept the insurance, you can try to find out if they accept credit cards as well, so you do to have to carry money with you each time.


The starting of various cannabis dispensaries is a great thing since you get to weigh your options and settle for one that works for you. Having options means you do not have to worry about settling for less where your medical needs are concerned.