Getting Back Into the Dating Game In Your 50s

According to the Pew Research Center, roughly half of people between 50-64 in the United States and roughly one-third of those 65 or older are NOT looking to date. Dating may be particularly difficult for men considering that, according to Pew, 61 percent of single men are looking to date whereas only 38 percent of single women are looking to date.

That being said, if you’re considering dating and are nervous about getting back in the game there’s definitely some good news for you. There are all kinds of ways to improve your “dating game” and still leave an impact. Check out these tips for getting back into the dating game in your 50’s.

Get a storage unit.

Maybe you’ve recently moved into a smaller home or would prefer your date to not see mementos from past relationships? Instead of cluttering up your garage, check out storage units costs so you can find climate control storage units near you at an average price you can afford. At U.S. Self Storage you can find a storage facility for your belongings with just your zip code and the size of the unit you’ll need (measured by square foot – larger units available), then you will see amenities and the distance to each storage facility.

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Look into Rolex watches .

According to Rolex’s official website, the luxury wristwatch made by Rolex S.A was originally called Wilsdorf and Davis after the founders Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis. Hans Wilsdorf was one of the first to envision a timepiece worn on the wrist for men (the wristwatch of the time was only seen on women as jewelry). Wilsdorf was also the first to introduce the Rolex Oyster (the first waterproof wristwatch), which was worn by Mercedes Gleitze on her swim across the English Channel making this the first wristwatch across the English Channel. Wilsdorf was also the first to create the Datejust (a self-winding watch). Today, there are even Rolex models designed for deepsea divers.

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Protect your sexual health.

According to a study by Harvard Health Publishing, moderate to severe erectile dysfunction was present in 26 percent of men over 50, increasing to 61 percent after 70. Men with testosterone deficiency had this problem along with low libido. However, the study also suggests that sexual function can be preserved.


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Be safe and open, and have fun.

Depending on the length of time that it’s been since you last dated, things may have changed a bit in recent years. You may have less stamina than you used to due to a medical condition, you may have personal details that make dating harder, or you may have a number of factors holding you back from a new relationship. The best way to be open to fun, but staying safe is to always take things slow, to limit sharing too much information too fast, and to always wearing a condom during sexual activity.