Getting to know about Anger and how to Control It

Anger is a condition that occurs naturally. The way you respond to situations or threats is what defines the rate of your anger. When such cases arise, your body releases adrenaline hormone that causes your body to change instantly. During anger response, your muscles may tighten, facial expressions change, your blood pressure increases, and finally, the way you talk changes. It is vital to learn how to manage your anger since it can cause unnecessary problems. Anger management in Chicago assists you in understanding the importance of not getting angry much by outlining the dangers it can cause. Below are different types of anger you can suffer from.

Three major types of anger you can suffer from

According to research feeling angry is not a bad thing. It prevents people from taking advantage of you and offers a room to share your feelings with others. The major types of anger include;

  •       Assertive anger. Assertive anger is anger the occurs when you are confidently overreacting to a situation before thinking about what the case is about. This type of anger is controlled by preventing raising your voice and by trying to understand what others are feeling. It is also good to be open to people about how you feel about the situation. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving others is the best way to control assertive anger.
  •       Passive anger. This type of anger occurs when you get angry, but you are trying to hide your anger. Many people who suffer from passive anger hide their anger because they do not like to be confronted.
  •       Open anger. Open anger usually happens when you lash to react to situations either in speaking or physically. Open anger can make you cause injuries to yourself or others by fighting.

The following paragraph shows what causes anger.

The main causes of anger

There are many things that cause anger. Anger depends on the environment you are in, gender and age. For instance, if you are a man, the way you may react to your fellow man is not how you respond to a lady and vice versa. Condition like impatience, quarrying, feeling you are not appreciated, and injustice triggers your anger. You can also suffer anger if you were not taught what to expect from people. You may think that every person is a friend just to realize others are not always friendly. Other causes that can make you suffer from anger are the inheritance from closer family members, underlying medical conditions, and brain chemistry. It is vital to manage your anger for you to have a good and peaceful lifestyle. Below are ways to manage your anger.

Ways to manage your anger

Calming down during the situation is the best way to control open aggression. Calming down controls your outward and inward behaviors. Being open to people about a situation in a low tone helps you to relieve your anger. Being honest also enhances a good relationship with people.

Anger is a condition triggered by the adrenaline hormone due to threatening situations. Anger accelerates the occurrences of health issues like chronic pains and blood pressure. It is essential to control your anger to promote a good relationship with other people. For anger management and other related information, consult Uptown Psych clinic.