High-End Nephrology Care in Texas

Kidney disease, acute kidney failure, or other complications in your kidney can result in a dangerous build-up of waste materials in the blood. Thus, it is essential to seek treatment immediately. At Houston Kidney Specialists Center, Dr. Devaraj Munikrishnappa, M.D., and the team of skilled and experienced nephrologists focus on diagnosing and treating a wide range of kidney conditions. To find out more about your kidney conditions’ available treatment options, schedule a consultation with Houston Kidney Specialists Center by calling the office or using their online booking tool.

About Practice

Houston Kidney Specialists Center is a state-of-the-art nephrology and internal medicine practice. The facility has an office located in Houston and three convenient office locations in Cypress. Since 2019, they have been serving patients from these communities and the more extensive Texas area. The dedicated staff of certified nephrologists and nurse practitioners at Houston Kidney Specialists Center focus on restoring and improving life quality through the most comfortable and effective treatments.

Houston Kidney Specialists Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. Every patient who sets foot at the practice is guaranteed personalized care that meets and exceeds the patient’s unique needs and goals. Before any treatment is recommended, patients must undergo comprehensive nephrology diagnostic procedures to determine the condition’s underlying cause. The test results obtained are used in developing practicable solutions and monitor the progression of your condition.


The experienced and skilled professionals at Houston Kidney Specialists Center specialize in treating numerous kidney issues and any associated complications. Some of the conditions treated here include kidney stones, edema, kidney failure, vasculitis, kidney disease, lupus, kidney stones, glomerular disease, bone disorders, and hypertension. First, the providers will recommend conservative options but may refer the patient to a more specified provider if they require complex surgeries and procedures.

In most cases, supplements, dietary changes, and conventional medications can effectively manage kidney problems. Nevertheless, for adverse conditions, the Houston Kidney Specialists Center provides kidney transplant and hemodialysis services. The nephrology professionals help patients with kidney transplants and prescribe the necessary medications to ensure the new kidney implants are not rejected. 

Patient Resources

The mission of Houston Kidney Specialists Center is to restore and improve life quality for patients suffering from kidney problems through comprehensive, personalized, and exceptional kidney care. Besides treatments, they educate patients on maintaining good health and wellness through blogs and consultations. They are accepting most major insurance providers and offer convenient payment plans for those with no insurance. Schedule a consultation to find out more about the practice.

In conclusion, the nephrology specialists at Houston Kidney Specialists Center seek to provide customized care and quality kidney solutions. The practice serves patients in the greater Texas area from their four convenient office locations across Cypress and Houston, all designed to ensure patients’ maximum comfortability as they receive care from some of the leading providers. To access exceptional nephrology care for a loved one or yourself, get in touch with Houston Kidney Specialists Center today by calling the office or using their online scheduling tool.