How CBD Is Changing the Way We Treat Illness

CBD came in on the health and wellness scene like a wrecking ball. You might’ve already seen CBD available at your local corner store, grocery store, or even clothing stores. CBD has certainly taken up a lot of shelf space, and it’s no surprise with the multitude of CBD products available. You’ve got your gummies, your pre-rolls, your lotions, your oils, and more. For those unaware, CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s the second most common of the active ingredients in marijuana. CBD is frequently used to help ease occasional anxiousness and discomfort. CBD has been shown to help people fall asleep, and stay asleep thereafter. If there’s one thing that the era of the Coronavirus has made unimaginably more difficult, it’s finding a way to get that restful night of sleep, and not end up watching the sunrise with bleary eyes.

So, if we have a potential new avenue available at our disposal to sink into the land of pleasant dreams, that’s a beautiful development, indeed. Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of CBD is that it provides the relaxing effects often associated with marijuana, but doesn’t take the consumer on a psychedelic trip with 0.0% THC. Let’s take a closer look at how CBD is changing the way we treat illness.

Improves Calmness and Relaxation

The most striking benefit noted by many consumers that have experimented with CBD is its ability to promote that genuine sense of well-being and inner peace that they’d otherwise rely on medications and mental health specialists to achieve. CBD can also be more effective when paired with tools that already help maintain your well-being. It’s also key to note that we’re all built differently, and certainly come with our own natural tolerance levels. As with anything new, it’s best to start out slow and feel out how your body is reacting to CBD. You might find that it takes you a whole lot less CBD than it does your friends to hit that desirable place of relaxation.

CBD and Your Pet

CBD is also making waves amongst pet owners for helping their furry companions to alleviate occasional anxiousness and discomfort. You may forget that your animals can pick up any secondhand nerves you’re putting out. Now more than ever, due to the Coronavirus, it’s fair to suggest that animals are bearing the brunt of all that weight brought on by this dystopian world.

Fortunately, numerous teams across the world like Applied Basic Science are running trials and researches in order to make advances in CBD treatments for animals. Applied Basic Science was founded with the purpose of researching the therapeutic benefits of their hemp hybrid plant oil extract in pets suffering from a wealth of gnarly conditions. They’ve even managed to successfully create a pure organic CBD oil for animals and has undergone numerous clinical trials at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. They’re one of the country’s top-ranked veterinary research institutions, so that’s a welcomed development from their corner of the world.

It’s encouraging to see more and more approaches to the way we treat illnesses with a product like CBD. We’re all searching for exciting new and healthy ways to promote our well being, and it certainly seems like CBD is making a lot of well-warranted waves in the health and wellness scene. CBD’s even garnered excitement amongst alzheimer specialists, but it doesn’t stop there. CBD is also regularly recommended by therapists and fitness trainers for addressing symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, and discomfort. You might just be the next person recommending it to a friend that you’ve noticed is muddling through a difficult time.