How Effective Is Invisalign for Teens?

Teeth might be important for laughing and smiling. But the health of someone’s teeth is far from a laughing matter. Teeth are a vitally important part of physical and mental health for everyone. But there’s one group who needs to pay even more attention to teeth.

Teenagers as a whole are at a unique point in their development. They’re nearly adults, but at the same time they’re still going through growth spurts. It creates a unique situation for many medical concerns. Teenagers have often aged out of things which would impact young children. But at the same time they have different needs than full adults. However, this isn’t to suggest that the medical industry isn’t adapting to the special needs of teens. For example, an Arizona orthodontic center will have options including Invisalign which are specially adapted to work with teens. It’s best to begin looking into it by actually talking to experts at an Arizona orthodontic center.

The experts there will be able to offer up some information about Invisalign Teen. It’s similar in many ways to the standard Invisalign design. This means that the teen based variant also uses BPA-free plastic. It also continues to use clear and removable aligners. What’s more, the orthodontic team uses the latest techniques to ensure a proper fit.

Scans begin through the use of an iTero scanner. This provides detailed information about the teen’s teeth and gums. From here they’ll proceed to make a 3D model from those scans. The computerized model isn’t static either. Instead one can think of it as an accurate predictive system designed to show where teeth will move over time. It can even provide an accurate prediction of what a teen’s smile will look like by the end of the treatment.

Assuming that both teen and parent like the projected results, then the real work can begin. The teen will usually need to wear an aligner for 20 to 22 hours a day. And on average they’ll need to change to a new set every week or two. This compensates for the fact that the teen’s teeth are realigning to their stated preference.

However, one question does come up more than any other. People often wonder about how effective it is for teens when compared to standard braces. One of the biggest differences between the two treatments comes from the material used within them. Invisalign Teen uses SmartTrack material for the aligners. SmartTrack tends to feel softer and more comfortable than standard metal braces. And it also allows for a greater level of customization for a teenager’s unique needs. Invisalign also forgoes use of brackets and wires. This serves to further reduce any potential for irritation.

One should also consider the psychological component of teeth alignment. Teenage years are often quite difficult. Even small differences from their peers can make a teen feel like an outcast. This is why so many teens prefer the Invisalign system. Most people won’t even notice someone is using Invisalign due to the fact that it’s translucent.

Finally, Invisalign doesn’t have any food restrictions. Teens can still eat and drink whatever they want while using Invisalign. This is quite different than with traditional metal braces. Metal braces tend to act as particle collectors. As such, people need to be careful with their food choices while wearing braces. Because of this most people tend to opt for Invisalign if it’s available.

In the end one should always give careful consideration to any medical procedure and choose the best medical professional like Kessler Dental Associates And teeth alignment is still a medical procedure, even if a non-invasive one. But Invisalign provides an easy and effective way of realigning a teen’s teeth.