How Opioid-Free Treatment for Sports Injuries has been Made Possible in The Woodlands, Texas.

Pain can be quite debilitating both mentally and physically, especially if you are a professional athlete and you have to rely on sports to survive. However, the reliance on opioids for pain relief has proven detrimental since the class of drugs is associated with addiction, among many other adverse side effects. In the Woodlands, sports injuries are treated using a myriad of interventions that achieve 100% efficacy. Dr. Mukalel has proven distinct when it comes to treating pain since he does not rely on steroids nor opioids.

Treatment of Sports Injuries at the Woodlands, Texas

When you push your body past its limit when engaging in physical activity, you are bound to suffer from a sports injury. Sports injuries are not restricted to athletes alone, therefore, anyone can become a victim. The most common type of sports injuries include;

  •       Dislocations
  •       Tendinitis
  •       Ligament sprains
  •       Fractures
  •       Cartilage tears
  •       Joint instabilities
  •       Tendon and muscle tears
  •       Bursitis
  •       Low back pain

Jessen Mukalel, MD, and his team at The Woodlands understand how sports are valuable to you, and that is why they use the latest technologies to diagnose and treat your pain and ensure you are back on track.

Diagnosis of Sports Injuries

To begin with, Dr. Mukalel takes a thorough look at your medical history of how your pain started and how it has been progressing. He then does a physical examination of your injury to evaluate the movement of your joint before undertaking treatment.

Several medical imaging technologies, such as MRI, X-RAY, CT Technology, and ultrasound, are used to conclude the diagnoses. At The Woodlands, Sonosite® ultrasound-guided diagnostic is used to check for abnormality inside the joint. These include any tears, fractures, inflammation, arthritis, etc. to devise the best treatment approach.

Effective Ways Sports Injuries are treated at The Woodlands

Jessen Makulel, MD, offers a wide range of treatments for sports injury pain for both acute and severe pain. Treatment ranges from quick relief interventions to regenerative medicine. Dr. Makulel typically uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to treat many sports injuries that respond well to this type of treatment. Blood is drawn from your body and put in a centrifuge to achieve plasma concentration with platelets injected into affected sites in the body.

Some of the common injuries treated via PRP therapy include;

  •       Achilles tendinopathy
  •       Gluteal tendinopathy
  •       Plantar fasciitis
  •       Tenosynovitis in your wrist
  •       Tendonitis
  •       Torn knee meniscus
  •       Torn rotator cuff
  •       Trochanteric bursitis in your hip

Autologous conditioned plasma has growth factors and proteins which enhance recovery of affected areas and, eventually, pain relief. It is important to note that physical therapy does not heal all affected cells; therefore, full treatment is essential. Call or book an appointment on The Woodland website and relieve your pain!

15 Other Essential Services Provided by the Woodland Team

  1.     Ketamine Infusion
  2.     Neck pain relief
  3.     Spinal stenosis
  4.     Arthritis
  5.     Stem cell Therapy
  6.     Chronic pain treatment
  7.     Neuropathy
  8.     Facet joint pain
  9.     Trigger point injections
  10. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  11. Degenerative disc disease
  12. Herniated disc
  13. Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  14. Holistic medicine
  15. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)


All types of pain can be quite distracting and debilitating when it comes to running your day-to-day activities. When you book an appointment at The Woodlands, Dr. Makulel and his team will give you the full attention and care to ensure you are relieved from pain. Call Dr. Makulel now or book an appointment online at The Woodland platform!