How Platelet-Rich Plasma Treats Hair Loss?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy is a treatment modality that uses platelets and plasma that is separated from your blood to treat hair loss. This method is minimally invasive and safe when done by a qualified hair specialist. Everyone in Lakewood Ranch gets hair loss at one point in their life, but some people suffer from severe hair loss. Most people are not aware that they can get treatment for hair loss.

If you are struggling with hair loss, you can benefit from platelet-rich plasma. When you seek help from the best hair transplant specialist in Lakewood Ranch, they will take your medical history and do a physical examination to determine whether you qualify for the procedure. The doctor then explains the procedure to you including its benefits and risks and asks you about your expectations from the procedure.

How Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment Done?

Before the procedure, the doctor will make you comfortable and explain what to expect. After addressing any fears you might have, the doctor will sterilize your skin to prevent introducing infections to the body. The doctor then uses a syringe to draw blood from your blood vessels in your hands. The doctor then puts your blood in a blood tube that has an anti-clotting agent.

The doctor then takes the blood sample to the laboratory. In the laboratory, the blood sample is centrifuged to separate the blood into different layers. The platelets are then removed with a syringe. The doctor adds the platelets to plasma. The doctor then prepares the area of the scalp that will receive the platelet-rich plasma, and injects it.

Platelets are blood cells that help to prevent excessive bleeding after injury by triggering the blood to clot. Platelets have a lot of growth factors and proteins that stimulate the growth of tissue-like hair follicles. This therapy also increases the blood supply to the hair cells thus providing them with the nutrients they need for growth.

The procedure normally takes a few minutes but the duration depends on the size of the area that is being treated. You can go home immediately after the procedure and therefore you do not need someone to drive you from the hospital. You will require 3 treatments which are two months apart. Regular maintenance is required for better outcomes.

Is PRP Safe?

This procedure is safe because it uses your blood thus reducing the chances of infection. However if the procedure is done by a person who does not have the experience, you may get some side effects like scarring and bleeding. You can also get side effects from the anesthesia or develop calcification at the injection site.

To enhance the safety of the procedure, it is done on people who are generally healthy without underlying diseases and in people who are not alcoholics. The procedure will be discouraged in smokers because smoking causes vasoconstriction of the blood vessels thus delaying healing. You should have realistic expectations when going for this treatment.

Platelet-rich plasma is a form of treatment for hair loss which triggers the growth of hair because platelets have growth factors. You can qualify for this procedure if you are generally healthy with no chronic medical conditions and if you have realistic expectations. To enhance the safety of this procedure and to get better results, you should consult a qualified hair specialist.