How Stress Can Cause Weight Gain Or Weight Loss

We are living in a stressful time where coronavirus has taken the world by storm. As a precautionary measure government of various countries including India’s have imposed a lockdown on its people. This stress can have a major effect on our weight. You can either lose weight abruptly or you can gain weight enormously. Today we are going to talk about how stress can cause weight gain in some people, whereas weight loss in others.

Weight Gain

Fight and Flight

Our body has an inbuilt response which is known as Fight-or-Flight (Survival Mode). This response activates when our body reaches a certain stress level that it needs to do what it needs to do. And what it needs to do? Make you eat more and more. Most of us indeed become overeaters when we’re in lots of pressure. Your body thinks that you have used all the calories in the bank to deal with your stress, which you have not. This overeating leads to obesity and that leads to severe cardiovascular diseases, which is the number one cause of death in India. Other than managing your stress and taking proper help, you should also buy health insurance online from a reputable insurer. This plan will ensure that you only have to worry about your recovery and not about finances.

Cortisol and Comfort Foods

When the level of stress increases, our body releases a hormone called cortisol. This cortisol hormone induces overeating and makes it a habit. The increase in this hormone also leads to an increase in insulin levels that means your blood sugar drops and you crave more fatty and sugary foods. You won’t eat banana or salad; you will eat fried food a.k.a comfort food.

There is a science behind eating. Our body releases a hormone when we eat food. This hormone has a calming effect on our body and can lower stress. But these food items are mainly sugary and fatty, which can increase weight. Let’s understand the chronology. More stress means more cortisol means the need for junk food means weight gain means health-related problems.

Weight Loss

Stress not only increases weight, but it can also decrease weight in some people. Now you will say losing weight is good. Yes, it is good, but only when it is done healthily and not in an unhealthy way. Given below are some of the ways that can lead to weight loss in an unhealthy way:

Your Metabolism Increase

Just like in case of weight gain where the release of the hormone leads to overeating. During stress, your body will increase your metabolism. You will burn more calories than you eat. If you won’t eat more, you will experience weight loss.

Loss of Appetite

When you are stressed, you think about the problem that is causing the stress. This distracts your mind, and you may not think about eating. Because of anxiety, you might not feel hungry at all. Eating no food for a longer time leads to drastic weight loss.

So, you must have understood now how stress affects your weight. Make sure you get help from professionals and choose the right health insurance plans.