How to choose a hand wash suitable for all skin types?

Hand wash, particularly now, is a very important tool in maintaining hygiene and keeping off the Covid-19 virus. Though not all, infectious diseases often spread through contaminated hands. Examples include respiratory infections like influenza or coronavirus and gastrointestinal infections – Salmonella. When you wash hands properly, the spread of germs is greatly contained. But soaps are often known to irritate the skin, primarily because people have varying skin types. So, which hand wash is suitable for you?

Hand soap for very dry skin – very sensitive

Some people have skin types that are too dry. The skin would generally be very rough and very sensitive. A hand wash labeled “Sensitive” is useful in such situations. The hand soap would generally have a good blend of aloe vera, olive oil, and essential oils. Certain ingredients, like olive oil, in the hand wash, would have great moisturizing effects. The hand wash does not only take care of personal hygiene but ensures that the moisture is locked in the skin. Such a hand wash would not have parabens. Such a product will allow for proper healing of the skin.

Hand wash for a sensitive skin

Some skin types get easily irritated. Such people need to use products that keep away allergies. The skin can get irritated easily. A calming and mild hypoallergenic soap is the best choice for them. An Aloe Liquid hand was can be phenomenal in the prevention of diseases in this case. ‘Sensitive’ hand wash variants are good options as well. It is advisable to choose a brand that differentiates the products well.

Hand wash for rough or dry skin

People who generally have rough and dry skin can try a hand wash that moisturizes well. Softening aloe and emollients are good. It is advisable to avoid hot water as heat dries the skin. A ‘skincare pH-balanced’ hand wash is a great one to have. Also, products that have milk proteins can be a good choice. The milk protein will have a calming and moisturizing effect on the skin. This can be instrumental in maintaining personal hygiene at a time when hands need to be sanitized frequently.

Hand wash for normal skin

People who have normal skin can opt for any variant. However, if there is any irritation, the ones named earlier are better choices. It is important to ensure that a proper product is used to ensure the prevention of diseases.

Use antibacterial hand wash if you have greater exposure to germs

If you need to visit medical facilities or you are in a place where the risk of contracting diseases is generally higher, you need a hand wash with good antimicrobial protection. You will find that some brands offer a no-touch soap dispenser. That would be better suited in such cases. It is not that antimicrobial hand wash would not offer moisturizing properties.

The next time you are buying a hand wash, you would be very comfortable while making a choice. When in doubt, you can always go for the ‘sensitive’ hand wash.