How To Feel More Comfortable During a Dental Appointment

Lots of people feel uncomfortable and anxious during dental appointments, and some even have an outright phobia of visiting the dentist. The good news is that if you’re tired of feeling that way and want your dental appointments to feel more comfortable – there several steps you can take.

Find a Dentist That You’re Comfortable With

Rather than just choosing a nearby dentist or by reading online reviews, you should be more selective. Before you make a decision, book an appointment and visit the dentist.

During your visit you can see how comfortable you feel in the dental clinic, and whether or not you find the dentist easy to talk to. If you’re able to find a dentist that makes you feel a little bit more comfortable, it will definitely help you manage your anxiety much better.

Discuss Your Problems

Right from the get go you should try to be open and upfront with your dentist about any discomfort or anxiety you may feel – and discuss it with them. Because they have a lot of experience dealing with dental anxiety they will be able to help you cope with it in various ways.

Normally your dentist will try to work with you to figure out what makes you feel more comfortable. On top of that they may suggest a signal that you can use if you need them to stop so that you can calm down.

Focus on Your Breathing

Breathing exercises can make a world of difference and help you to reduce your anxiety and clear your mind. At very least it will ensure that you aren’t inadvertently holding your breath – which will make you feel more nervous.

The breathing exercises that you try don’t have to be complicated. A good way to start is by simply taking a big breath and then slowly exhaling while counting to 6.

 Distract Yourself

If you start to focus on your anxiety you’ll definitely feel even more nervous – which is the last thing that you want. However if you’re able to distract yourself and not think about it, you may be able to calm down more easily.

It is up to you to decide on the best way to distract yourself while you’re at the dentist. For example you could use headphones and listen to music, find a fidget toy to play with, or even watch something on the TV (if there is one in the dentist’s office).

Bring Some Support

Bringing someone that you trust along with you can be very comforting and they can help you to stay calm as well as distract you if need be. If possible you should inform your dentist in advance and let them know your plans.

If you try out these steps you should start to feel more comfortable when visiting dentist Stonehouse or any other dental clinic. In time you may even be able to overcome the uneasiness and anxiety that you feel regarding dental appointments.