How to Identify A Skilled Skin Care Expert From the Pack

As you age, your facial features may change. You may start noticing age lines, loose, dry skin, and acne may also be an issue. Facial skin issues may lead to low self-esteem, health concerns, and regular visits to a dermatologist. If you are tired of trying out different products with little or no success, talk to Dr. Bonnie Wang in Sarasota. She has the experience required to deal with any facial flare-ups and guarantees long term solutions. What should you be looking for in an aesthetics and wellness expert?

The experience

Just looking at a doctor’s qualifications is not enough; you need to check her experience as well. How many patients has she successfully treated? You also need to check the knowledge she has in dealing with the type of treatment you want. How many patients has she offered the service to? How is her clinic? Is it comfortable with an inviting ambiance? Is she reliable and dependable?

It also helps to know that your doctor offers telehealth visits. You do not have to attend the clinic physically, but through a scheduled video call, you can talk to your doctor where you have a session just as you would in her office. This is quite important for people who want to avoid infections as the more they step out of the house, the higher the chances of getting infected, even if it is just the common cold. Tele-visits also save you time and may be cheaper. You do not have to interrupt your work schedule, as you can attend the visit from work.

Get non-invasive treatments

You do not have to go through a surgical procedure to deal with fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and other skin conditions. The doctor can recommend alternatives after carefully analyzing your skincare needs and concerns. There are many options available from micro-needling, Botox, dermal fillers, chemical peels, and NovaThreads, among other possibilities. The doctor gives you appropriate options to choose from based on your expectations, concerns, budget, and health.

Safe treatments

Your doctor needs to assure you that all the products used are FDA approved and that your skin will respond well to the treatments available. For instance, if you need dermal fillers, ensure that the fillings are safe and durable. Because of this, you should not always take the cheap options. As you will find out, some clinics may offer cheap services, but, in most cases, they may use substandard products, such as fillers, which will not only be a risk to your health but the treatments may not be effective.

It would be best if you also were assured that the doctor uses effective and modern techniques that may be more user friendly and offer better results. Additionally, you must understand the cost implications of whatever service you choose. Also, check whether your insurance provider will cover the expense, or if you will have to pay it on your own.

If you have any disturbing skin conditions, talk to your dermatologist today.