How to Prevent and Treat Diabetic Ulcers

People whose bodies cannot efficiently regulate blood sugar levels have a common problem of open sores that form on the lower body or stomach.  Leaving them untreated can increase the chances of infection. Diabetes is also known to interfere with blood flow, making it more difficult for the ulcers to heal. Wound Evolution treats diabetic ulcers in Fort Worth to prevent severe stages that would force you to have your leg amputated. Book an appointment online.

How can you prevent diabetic ulcers?

When you have diabetes and wounds on your feet, not only will they not heal fast, but they may also lose their feeling due to damage of nerves. Therefore, you could even hurt your legs without realizing it. It also interferes with your daily functioning, and thus, a common reason for hospital stays for most people. Here are effective ways to avoid diabetic ulcers:

  •         Avoid walking barefoot

This applies mostly to people whose diabetes has caused damage in the nerves from too much blood sugar in the body. This means that the nerves that make you feel may not work as they should. Thus, you may walk barefoot and step on a sharp or hard object without your knowledge. Some of those objects may get stuck inside, bringing a need for surgery.

  •         Wear the right size of shoes

Avoid buying shoes before you fit them properly to see they are of the right size. In the cases where your shoes exert a lot of pressure on your feet, it may cause wounds to develop. Doctors also recommend that people with diabetic ulcers avoid shoes with open toes.

   iii.         Watch your diet

Research has shown that fiber, legumes, protein, and low saturated fats in the diet help patients with diabetic ulcers. Experts also recommend that these patients take foods rich in iron, zinc, and copper for tissue to grow in the body. These foods also help to speed up the healing process of ulcers.

  1.         Protect your feet

It is good to regularly check your feet for bruises or swelling on the skin. This will help to catch the ulcers in their earliest stage for treatment to begin. Remove items that may trip you around the house to make sure your feet are protected.

How can you treat diabetic ulcers?

The treatment is very necessary for two reasons. First, it is to prevent infection, and the other one is to facilitate the healing process. Below are some treatment options:

  •   Clean the wound daily: This is a simple procedure that will only require plain water and soap. Do not soak the ulcer.
  •   Keep the ulcer dressed: The doctor will advise on the best bandage that will not entirely cover the wound as this would increase the risk of infection.
  •   Reduce pressure on the ulcer: Use a brace or crutches when walking. Increased pressure may cause the wound to heal slowly. 
  •   Keep sugar under control: These wounds are caused by diabetes. Therefore, watching your blood sugar will help heal the ulcers.

For advanced treatment

If you try the home treatment and do not notice an improvement, you may need to seek medical attention. Infection to the bone requires surgery. The team at Wound Evolution will offer this and more effective treatments. They practice safe wound care to preserve your limbs. Schedule an appointment today.