How to Take Amazing Before-and-After Photos Following a Weight Loss Transformation

Body transformation journeys — in which people engage in ways to improve their metabolism and weight loss — can be a lot of work. Some people may feel immense pressure to shed weight quickly.

Taking before and after photos during a body transformation and weight loss journey can be motivational. Photos can show what the scale does not. While a reliable scale can give someone an accurate update on how many pounds they’ve lost, photos can be visual proof of results.

By taking photos over time, people can visibly see the difference in how their face and body may have changed from the start of the journey to the current stage they’re in. Before and after photos are an inspirational way to document weight loss, so here are some tips to keep in mind.

Take multiple photos

Smartphones have made taking pictures more convenient because they come with high quality cameras built into them. People who want to document their weight loss journey can take photos of themselves with their smartphones at any chosen time and place.

During your weight loss journey, you may benefit from taking multiple well-lit photos of yourself from the front, back, and sides, so you can see yourself from different angles. Some people find it helpful to take photos of portions of the body they’re most focused on transforming, whether it be their stomach or legs, for example.

Not only can photos be taken for private documentation of losing weight, but they can also be shared with others. To make photo sharing easier, people can make use of home sharing devices that allow photo saving and sharing from phones, computers, USB drives, social media accounts, and cloud accounts.

iPhone users, for example, can use the capabilities of photo storage devices to supplement their iPhone photo storage. They can save their photos and share them privately with chosen family members and friends, or sharing them with connections on social media sites.

Be consistent

When taking before and after weight loss photos, you should try to maintain consistency. Even when noticeable changes can be seen in the body, you should try to stand up as straight as you can and do the same pose in each photo taken.

If possible, you should even wear the same clothes or similar clothes in their photos. If you’re comfortable photographing yourself in revealing clothes, it’s recommended that you do so, because revealing clothing allows people to see their bodies better.

Another suggestion for taking before and after weight loss photos is to take the photos around the same time of day. Some people are more comfortable taking their photos before they partake in meals. Other people take their photos around the same time they measure and weigh themselves. Smartphones can mark the date and time that photos are taken, so by measuring and weighing yourself around the same time, you’ll know when they last measured themselves.

No two people lose weight the exact same way, so you should make your body transformation and weight loss processes unique in healthy, comfortable ways. While losing weight, you should make sure that you’re prepared and motivated to make changes to your lifestyle.

Seeing progress when comparing the before and after photos and sharing them — and seeing the before and after pictures of other people who successfully lost weight — can be just the motivation you need to make the most of a healthy weight loss journey.