Intimate and Quality Compassionate Healthcare for Women

Women’s health needs are many and unique compared to those of men. They are prone to sexual health issues, and complications increase their risks to more health conditions. From their puberty stage, menstruation, pregnancy, birth up to the menopause stage, quality care is essential to help them live better and healthy lives. Desert Star Family Planning understands every woman’s health needs and is committed to providing comprehensive and efficient care to all patients and the community for better healthy living.

Led by DeShawn Taylor, a board-certified OBGYN, clinical officer, women’s health rights advocate, has a real passion for women and is dedicated to providing quality health to empower and better their lives. Her main goal is to offer comprehensive women’s health and sexual health services. Together with her team, they listen to their patient’s needs striving to offer customized care. They excel in serving and offering efficient care to all people in the Phoenix community, including men. Patients have access to quality medical care, including annual exams, birth control, STD testing, family planning advice, and medical and surgical abortions. They offer exceptional customer services, serving their patients in both the English and Spanish languages.

The women’s practice aims to create women’s reproductive health issues and sexual health awareness; they instill trust in their patients to feel comfortable sharing their issues. They believe in being your partner to achieving your health; hence they strive to build lasting relationships with patients. They ensure their patients are confident in them by respecting their health needs and providing excellent results. Dr. Taylor is highly educated and trained to use innovative, advanced, and the latest techniques for providing effective diagnostic and medical treatments. She specializes in family planning, and she is a member of various boards of obstetric and gynecology care, family planning, and abortion medical network to improve women’s lives.

They offer services such as: 


A notable percentage of women’s pregnancies end up in miscarriages. Many factors lead to miscarriages, including diseases and severe injuries. If you have just experienced a miscarriage or have symptoms that can lead to it, call Dr. Taylor immediately to receive the professional and compassionate care you need.

Annual exam

Annual women’s exams are offered for evaluation of any infections and diseases and prevent severe cases. The experienced Dr. Taylor offers comprehensive annual exams to ensure that your body’s health is intact and prevent future issues. Visit them today for your annual exam.

Family planning

Family planning is vital to all couples planning to have children. They plan when and how they want to have children. Dr. Taylor offers efficient family planning advice to help her patients have healthy children that they will look after.

Women’s health care empowers them in their careers and homes and helps them achieve more. Desert Star Family Planning is committed to ensuring women of all ages live healthy and better lives by providing adequate medical services including, family planning, STD testing, birth control, obstetrics and gynecology, women annual exams, medical and surgical abortions. They value every woman’s needs and strive to offer customized treatments. Dr. Taylor and her team are welcoming and friendly to all their patients to build strong and long lasting relationships with them.