Is Family Medicine the Answer for Your Family’s Good Health

Your family’s health is one of your top priorities. It can be difficult enough to keep up with the expected issues, like flu shots, immunizations, and routine exams, not to mention medical emergencies. It’s important that you have someone who is familiar with your loved one’s medical history when they are sick or injured in an accident. In Davie and Plantation, FL, UrgentMed urgent care center offers comprehensive services for everyone in the family, with extended hours of service and no appointment necessary. They can help you with all your regular medical issues, plus they are open late to take care of your family’s urgent health needs.

Family Medicine

Running everyone to their doctor’s appointments can take up a chunk of your week. Wouldn’t it be great to have all your family’s primary medical care in one place? With family medicine, all the needs of your family members can be cared for in one convenient practice.

Instead of focusing on a specific part of the body or a certain medical condition, family medicine professionals offer a full array of care services. And they treat male and female patients of all ages, so they can continue your medical care as you enter different phases of your life.

Urgent Care Services

When you or someone you love is injured or ill, you need to see a physician quickly. The hospital emergency room is always available for life-threatening situations, but it can get very expensive. Urgent care offers you the timely services you need at a much lower price.

There is no way of knowing when you will need the services of an urgent care physician. To make sure you have the help you need when you need it, UrgentMed offers a handy walk-in clinic for their patients in need. No need to call ahead; just come to the office when you have had an accident, or someone has fallen ill. Generally, the average wait time is no more than fifteen minutes, so you can get relief quickly.

With x-ray equipment on-site, your doctor can quickly find out what is going on beneath the surface, without sending you to the hospital. There are also flu testing and flu shots available in the office, so you can make sure you stay healthy all winter long.

Emergency situations rarely happen when it’s convenient. And waiting until the next day can be painful. The after-hours clinic is open late, to take care of trouble as soon as it starts. Their physicians are available long after most doctor’s offices have closed for the evening.


UrgentMed isn’t just for emergencies. When it comes to regular immunizations for your family, you can easily schedule an appointment by phone or online. The family medicine practitioners can keep track of the immunizations received and help you plan for upcoming boosters.

Physicals for All Needs

An annual physical is advised for most people, so their medical professional can check for any developing issues. But there are other physicals that are needed to participate in activities or be employed. UrgentMed provides physicals to fit your pursuits, including:

  • DOT physical
  • Annual physical
  • Immigration physical
  • School physical
  • Work physical

You don’t have to run all over town to take care of everyone’s health. Every member of your family can receive the urgent medical care they need from one trusted place with UrgentMed.