Is My Decision Of Hair Transplant Rational?

Hair fall is an incident occurring in everyone’s life but it could be either normal phenomena or a worrisome situation. Normal hair fall is said when the hair shedding is not more than 50 – 100 hairs in a day. Hair falling more than that could be an early alarming sign for hair loss which should not be ignored and early intervention should be taken.

People often try to self treat their hair loss by advertised shampoos, lotions and oils benefits from which is highly questionable. Temporary aids like wigs and prosthetic hairs are used by many but could be exhausting and embarrassing as periodic maintenance is required and does not offer permanency.

Hair transplant among all is the best solution for hair loss which is highly effective and offers permanent and natural results. In hair transplant procedures the hair loss resistant hair follicles are harvested from the donor areas which are then transplanted to the bald area as per the aesthetic needs of the patients. These procedures are minimally invasive and do not cause any morbidity post operatively. Hair transplant is a fairly safe procedure until when performed by an experienced hair transplant surgeon.

Hair transplant in India is becoming very popular as few hair transplant surgeon have built their high reputation worldwide thus along with national patients the footfall is ample from all around the globe. In addition, hair transplant cost in India is very affordable despite high international standards which lure people from all over the world to get the hair transplant done. The cost varies from 70,000 – 400,000 INR depending upon the number of follicles required to provide maximum coverage.

Medispa hair transplant clinics in Jaipur and Delhi offers you the best hair transplant outcomes at an affordable cost. Dr suneet Soni believes in providing thorough information and genuine suggestion which is in best interest of the patients. He is highly experienced and skilled which favors him in delivering the best aesthetic outcomes. His sense of art to design hairline is astounding which is his specialty and is appreciated worldwide.

It is obvious to be worried regarding how reasonable the procedure would be in your case. But with Medispa clinics you can be assured of genuine suggestions and assured outcomes. Let’s figure out when the decision of undergoing the procedure be rational.

  1. When you have realistic expectations from the procedure: Having a realistic expectation is the most crucial aspect for a successful cosmetic surgery especially hair transplant. Therefore, it is mandatory for a hair transplant surgeon to clear beforehand during the primary consultation that how much the hair loss sufferer can expect based on their situation. Nowadays, high density hair transplant is in trend but the patient should be priorly explained that it is possible only when they have ample hair density at the donor area. Some patient thinks that they can get complete coverage as it was before their hair loss which is not true and one can restore upto almost 30% of the lost hair follicles. Thus, if you are not over expecting then surely the procedure is for you and your decision is rational.
  2. When you have sufficient hair density at donor area:

During primary consultation your hair transplant surgeon will surely inform you regarding feasibility of hair transplant procedure in your case based on the availability of hair follicles in the donor area. If the hairs in the preferable donor area is not available which is back and side of the head, other alternate areas of body hairs are advised. Thus, if your hair density at the donor area is sufficient then the decision of hair transplant you have made is rational.

  1. When you agree that you need to wait for the results:

Hair transplant surely will not provide immediate results and if you are thinking of instant results then the procedure is not for you. This procedure utilizes your own natural hairs which follows their course on hair cycle like any other existing natural hairs. Complete hair growth could be observed in 9 – 12 months. Thus, if you are ready to wait for this long which will be surely worth then deciding for hair transplant is rational for you.

  1. If you can spend enough on a competent and experienced hair transplant surgeon:

If you are frugal for money and looking for a cheaper option at the cost of compromising on standards of treatment then it is better to quit for your decision rather than regretting later on and loose what remaining hairs you have. Experience and expertise of the surgeon is crucial when it comes to undergoing cosmetic surgeries. Thus, when you are ready to pay a handful amount extra for an experienced surgeon probably then your decision of hair transplant is rational.