Kitchen Germs Stopping Germs Where They Breed

The kitchen area can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and other microorganisms if it is not kept clean. Simple practices such as keeping kitchen cloth clean, washing sink, disinfecting surfaces, washing hands before handling vegetables or preparing food to ensure that you have a healthy meal. Many studies reveal that after the bathroom, the kitchen area is the place where bacteria could be lurking on any surface or food. Hence, it is advisable to stop the spread of germs with the following techniques:

  1. Practice good dishrag etiquette: Most often, we use dishrag to clean dishes and surfaces. Dishrags are typically made of cotton cloth which attracts the most germs. If you’re not washing the cloth daily, germs will eventually settle on the cloth, and it can sit on the dishes for a longer time.
  2. Disinfect surfaces: While cleaning the kitchen area, we ignore the disinfect refrigerator handles, microwave, kitchen tops, light switches, or cupboard handles. These are the frequently touched surfaces, and it is essential that you the right disinfectant spray such as 7-Day Surface Disinfectant Shield. It helps to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria for seven days. Unlike other disinfectants that contain harmful chemicals, the product is gentle and leaves a pleasant fragrance.
  3. Clean the cutting board: Cutting bords attract a lot of germs and bacteria whether you’re using it for cutting meat or salad. Before using it, make sure you wash the cutting board and maintain a separate board for salads and meat. Do not use it without disinfecting it.
  4. Dust out the drain: Drains and sink is also a breeding ground for germs. It is always advisable to use a disinfectant spray to get rid of stains, and first around the drain. Make sure you always disinfect it regularly just like you do to clean the surfaces. Use innovative surface protection available from Dr Rhazes 7-Day Surface Disinfectant Shield. With just one spray, surfaces remain clean and hygienic for seven days.
  5. Wash hands before and after meals: This is a crucial thing everyone should follow to keep illnesses at bay. Before cooking any meal, wash your hands clean with soap and water to remove the presence of germs on hands. Unhygienic hands can easily spread the germs through food, and it will also affect the health of those around you.

Kitchen area harbours the most germs compared to any other room. You should disinfect every nook and corner of the kitchen area so that you and your family are safe from any kind of illness and disease.

One of the places where germs breed the most is the kitchen counters. It is utmost necessary to keep the place hygienic with an innovative surface protection product that kills germs and other bacteria. Read further how you can keep the kitchen area clean.