Knee Pain: Know The Main Causes and Precautions To Take

The knee is amongst the most important part of our body. However, it can be affected by certain ailments which make it tough for the person to perform normal activities like walking, running, climb stairs, etc. There are many factors that can lead to a person developing pain in the knees. Some of these include arthritis or an injury to the knee. Knee pain can be relieved by taking medications or certain exercises; however, if these are not effective then the only option left for the doctor is to perform a knee replacement surgery. Successful knee replacement in India is performed at many reputed hospitals and other such medical establishments.

Causes of Knee Pain

A person can have pain in the knees due to a number of causes.

One of the most common causes of keen pains, osteoarthritis mainly affects older people. In this condition the knee joint swells or becomes stiff.

A meniscal tear is when a cartilage tears due to an injury in the knee. This can cause severe pain as the rough edges can get entangled in the joint.

When an inflammation occurs in the tendons that connect the shinbone and kneecap, it is known as patellar tendinitis. This mostly occurs due to stress like excessive exercise.

A dislocated kneecap is a common problem and can lead to swelling or severe pain in the knee joints. Some other conditions that can cause pain in the knees include bursitis, IT (iliotibial) band syndrome, Osgood-schlatter disease, Patellofermoral pain syndrome among others.

Precautions to Take

By taking certain precautions and doing regular exercises you can overcome pain in the knees.

Keep a check on your weight

Excessive weight can be very stressful for the knees and can cause pains. Therefore to keep your knee joint healthy try to reduce weight. For this you should follow a healthy diet plan and exercise regularly.


Acupuncture is one of the most beneficial treatments that can help relieve a person of knee pains. It is a traditional Chinese medicine wherein the doctor inserts needles at specific places in the patient’s body.

Be Careful while Walking

Pain in the knees can cause problems in walking. This can lead to a person losing his or balance and falling. A fall will damage the knee and lead to further pain and swelling. Therefore to avoid falling take certain measures like using handrails when climbing or descending stairs, make sure that every corner of the home is well lit, and if necessary use a walking stick.

Exercise Regularly

For a strong knee it is important to exercise regularly. There are certain exercises that are good for the knees like stretching, aerobics, walking, swimming among others. However, it is important to first consult your doctor to ensure which exercises are beneficial.


In case the knee pain is severe, you need to meet the doctor who will diagnose the problem. The doctor may recommend medications to ease the pain or he may advise physical therapy or exercises. In case these do not work the doctor may suggest partial or total knee replacement. In a partial knee replacement, the damaged part of the knee will be replaced with a plastic or metal one. In a full knee replacement, the damaged bone and cartilage will be removed from the shinbone, thighbone and knee cap and in its place an artificial joint will be placed.


By exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet and following certain precautions you will be able to ensure that your knee remains healthy and strong. However, in case there is continuous pain in the knee it is important to meet the doctor. In case a knee replacement is recommended there are many hospitals that perform knee replacement surgery in Hyderabad and other parts of the country.