Lactation Consulting Services in Madison, WI

For some mothers, breastfeeding is easy and occurs with minimal difficulty. However, for many more new mothers, they find breastfeeding challenging, especially during the first two weeks. At Physicians for Women, Allison Scholl is a certified lactation consultant in Madison, WI, experienced in empowering new mothers with tools to promote successful breastfeeding.  The center has a homelike, cozy space that provides a relaxed environment for women to meet with a lactation specialist and gain confidence, enhancing successful breastfeeding. The services provided will help you solve any breastfeeding challenges you may have along your lactation journey.

What Are The Benefits Of Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding helps you bond with your baby while offering your baby the most comprehensive form of nutrition that is easy to digest and supports their immunity. As you breastfeed, it enables your uterus to return to its normal size faster, which decreases the bleeding amount after birth. Moreover, when nursing your child, you will have extended time before your periods return, and it will also be easier to lose the weight gained during pregnancy.

What Problems Can The Consultant Help You With?

A lactation specialist can help you with several breastfeeding problems. These include a baby who won’t latch, sore nipples, and breast engorgement. Also, most moms are worried about their milk supply, particularly for the first few days. At Physicians for Women the provider will reassure you that it is normal for the baby to breastfeed every hour and everything is okay as long as he is gaining weight and producing lots of wet and dirty diapers. If the baby is not gaining weight, the lactation consultant will give you an effective feeding plan.

How Should You Prepare For Your Visit?

When preparing to meet a lactation specialist, you need to bring your baby with you, and your baby should be ready to breastfeed during the appointment. This means the baby should be a bit hungry during the appointment.  You should also bring any breastfeeding equipment that you are using. It’s not essential to bring a breast pump with you unless you have questions about the settings or fit.  Nursing pillows are also available, so there is no need to bring your own. However, you should remember to bring your hospital discharge paperwork.  The team at Physicians for Women are committed to helping all mothers attain their lactation goals.

What Should You Expect During Your Visit?

During your visit to a lactation consultant, the doctor will review the medical history of your pregnancy, labor, delivery, and pertinent family history. The provider will then conduct a brief examination of you and your baby. She might ask you to breastfeed while she observes. During the process, she will help you to get your baby to latch and with proper positioning. You will also be guided on how to recognize the signs of good feeding. All the Physicians for Women lactation consultations happen in a specific exam and baby room with softer lighting, a changing table, and a comfortable reclining glider. 

To sum up, with the right support and preparation, breastfeeding can be a comfortable and smooth ride. However, if an issue arises, consulting an expert can help you to get back on course. Physicians for Women has board-certified physicians to help you with all your breastfeeding problems. To learn more about their services, call or schedule an appointment online.