Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoo removal is very critical. Avoid harming your skin or leaving a shadow in the process of removing tattoos by seeking professional means and the right technology. Peach Skin and Lacer Health and Wellness Centre practice tattoo removal in Yuma. The facility offers treatment and consultation services concerning tattoo removal. A proper understanding of the laser treatment procedure is vital before deciding to take on any treatment session.

The PiQo4 Laser Technology

The center uses a new laser technology known as PiQo4 for tattoo removal. This technology combines laser technology and multiple wavelengths, making it faster in the removal of tattoos. PiQo4 targets both small and large tattoo ink particles, unlike older technologies that only targeted specific tattoo ink particle sizes. The laser breaks down the particles too small components that the body easily removes. This technology guarantees no tattoo ghosting leaving the skin around the area of your tattoo unharmed.

What are the side effects of Laser Treatment Sessions?

The treatment sessions vary, from two to ten, with intervals of six to eight weeks. The sessions involve loud popping sounds created by the laser fire. This treatment results in a heating effect on that area of the skin. After completion of a session, the skin looks like it has frosting on it. Some side effects of a treatment session include swelling, irritation, and mild changes in the skin’s color. These side effects tend to fade with time during the healing process.

Tattoo removal treatment takes consideration of various factors. Blood circulation influences the results or the healing process after treatment. For instance, a tattoo located close to the heart will heal faster than one located far away from the heart. Small amateur tattoos require fewer sessions of treatment as compared to large professional tattoos. Most professional tattoos contain more colors and are typically very deep. It is advisable to take into consideration these factors before undergoing any laser treatment.

Peach Skin and Laser center provide its clients with information on the tattoo removal process. This information offers asurity to patients, ensuring that they are comfortable with the process. They also give potential clients period estimates of the treatment sessions and full treatment process after evaluating your tattoo. After treatment, they give you instructions that serve as guidelines through your healing process. Consultation is paramount before undertaking any laser treatment, and Peach Skin and Laser Center offer this service.

What are the risks involved with Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment involves high risks making it not commendable for everyone. Understanding these risks requires consultation. People prone to scarring after any skin and laser treatment should avoid it. The swelling and blisters accompanied by skin traumas may take a more extended period than expected to heal. Hypo and hyperpigmentation are also risks associated with Laser treatment. Hypo-pigmentation occurs when the skin area treated turns pale compared to the surrounding skin, whereas hyper-pigmentation means that the area treated is darker than the surrounding skin. These risk factors influence the decision on whether or not to take laser treatment.

Before taking any laser treatment for tattoo removal, you should put in various considerations. Peach Skin and Laser treatment centers offer treatments through advanced technology minimizing the side effects that occurred in the past. The incorporation of technologies, such as PiQo4, provides better services with minimal side effects. The facility also offers consultation and after treatment services to its patients.