Laser Teeth-Whitening: A Revolutionary Treatment Option in Smile Transformation

Do you often feel the need to cover your mouth when talking to people? Well, it could be because your teeth have lost their once bright and white glow. Fortunately, with teeth whitening in Westfield, you can have that smile that will change your confidence around people. White teeth help you in many ways, one way being their power to increase your confidence around people. Have a laser whitening procedure today with the help of Dr. Daniel Butensky.

Why do your teeth lose their brightness with time?

Teeth coloring is an unfortunate issue that affects many people. Age is one of the biggest factors that contribute to teeth staining. When you look around, you will notice most of the things bought a long time ago lack their original aesthetics due to wear and tear. The same case is true with your teeth when you use them for an extended period. What you drink and the foods you eat all come in contact with your teeth. This contact changes their color over time, making you self-conscious and unable to relate with friends properly. Apart from tea, other issues that can have a huge impact on your teeth include smoking and tobacco’s major use.

The longer you put off a visit to the dentist, the more you will notice a change in the color of your teeth. Stains have a considerable influence on your teeth and can move deeper into the enamel, making them harder to remove.

Does teeth whitening have any side effects?

Teeth whitening is a medical procedure that has undergone safety tests to guarantee that you can enjoy it without worry. Laser treatment has substituted traditional, less effective ways of cleaning your teeth. The technology offers little pain and the only results you get are better-looking teeth. When you visit Dental Studios, you will receive help in decision making to increase the success of the treatment. Your doctor can also help you have the procedure in one appointment to help you accomplish other pressing tasks in your schedule. Additionally, take-home kits exist to help you enjoy white teeth while at the comfort of your home, away from the scary needles and complex medical equipment.

However, you will notice some small sensitivity with most teeth cleaning solutions you might find.

What do you expect during a laser-based teeth-whitening procedure?

In-office procedures offer the best results than take-home solutions because they give up to eight shades better results. The procedure begins with fitting dental trays in your mouth using hydrogen peroxide. Your doctor will then use special tools to cover your gums for protection from the teeth-whitening chemicals. You will then notice a bright light flash over your teeth after the special solution rests on your teeth for a while. The procedure takes up to 15-minutes with immediate results that will change how you relate to other people.

Smile more with tooth whitening techniques from Dental Studios. Stop using your hands to cover your stained teeth when talking. Contact Dental Studios to rediscover your once bright smile and restore your self-esteem and confidence.