Mistakes to avoid in first time sex

The first-timesex is very special for both men and women alike. It is the first time you will indulge in sexual activity and after this, both your body and mind will start acting differently. You might engage in this without having adequate knowledge about the process, prerequisites and results of this activity. If you want first time sex tips, you should continue reading:

  • Not using protection:

No matter what anybody tells you about your first time, always remember to use protection. Although the feeling of having sex with a condom is not as pleasurable, but it is for your own safety so that you don’t get unwanted surprises in life! Using protection will safeguard your future and also your partner’s. There are different kinds of protection that you can check online or with your trusted gynaecologist.

  • Not having foreplay:

For those who don’t know what foreplay is, it is a kind of role-play or as the name suggests, foreplay, which happens before engaging in sex. This enhances the hormones by turning on both the partners before they finally give in and have sex. It is always advisable to indulge in foreplay before actually having sex because it adds that excitement and temptation to the whole process; teasing the partner to want more and more. This will make your night a memorable one and will give you both a better understanding of each other’s desires.

  • Rushing into it: Quickening the process and rushing into having sex will not give you the real satisfaction and pleasure of the process. It is an intimate feeling which should be given its own sweet time to affect you and your partner. You must remember that your first time will never come back again so you should cherish it as much as you can. You can try teasing your partner a little by doing your research on erogenous zones for men before having your first time so that you can surprise each other in bed. Let sex do its magic on you and take it slow to feel the moment to its best extent.
  • Getting shy: Agreed that it is your first time doing something that you will probably remember all your life, try to not shy away from the process. You should go all out with your fantasies and dreams about your first night. Starting with decorating the place, to wearing sexy lingerie, to having a smooth wine, you can come up with several ways to make the night memorable. Getting shy will only lead to regret in the future when you will loosen up and feel you could have made one of the most memorable nights of your life better.

These are some of the most common mistakes that you might have ended up making on your first night which should be the most special and memorable one of your life.