Need a slip & fall attorney in Atlanta? Check this guide!

Slip & fall accidents are more common than you think. Businesses and premise owners are required to take adequate steps to ensure the safety of visitors. If you were injured within the premises of a business and believe that the injuries are a result of poor safety standards and disregard for standard safety practices, you can consider filing a personal injury lawsuit. Considering that you may have to deal with medical bills and loss of wages, it is wise to hire an Atlanta slip and fall attorney for your case. Slip & fall accidents are often tricky, because two things must be proved – 

  1. The injuries are a result of the accident
  2. The accident was caused because of the owner/business’s neglect for safety

After an accident 

Following a slip & fall accident, it is important to take necessary evidence that can prove things on your behalf. Victims, if in a proper condition, should take photographs of the accident scene and must report the incident to the premise manager or owner at the earliest. If there were witnesses to the incident, their details should be taken. The next step is to call an attorney, who specializes in personal injury law, especially slip & fall cases. 

Investigating the matter

An experienced attorney will do their bit to investigate the matter, to determine and establish the fault of the premise owner. For instance, how unsafe was the condition on the property that led to the accident? Did the condition exist for a long time? Was the owner aware of the condition? If yes, how long did they have to fix the problem? Were the safety steps adequate for visitors? Does the client have a share of blame in the accident?

Hiring an attorney

An experienced slip & fall attorney is your biggest asset for proving the case and getting a fair compensation. Insurance adjusters are often quick to make a small offer, expecting the victim to accept the same. If the insurance company knows that the victim is on his own, they will adhere to various tactics to reduce their liability. If you are not sure of how personal injury law works, consider hiring an attorney at the earliest. Ensure that the attorney is experienced, has expertise within Atlanta and is accessible for answering questions. They should be fair in their charges and costs, and should offer a clear overview of the possible outcomes. 

A good personal injury attorney should also have courtroom confidence.