Neurological Care with a Difference

Neurology disorders affect the nervous system, usually the coordination, motion, sensation, and reflexes. The conditions are usually fatal, with some causing permanent paralysis. The diagnosis and treatments require comprehensive and useful care for the correct evaluation of the causes and the treatment mechanism. Are you or your loved ones struggling with a neurological disorder? Integrated Neurology Services is committed to providing extensive and quality diagnosis and treatment for neurological, sleep, and movement disorders to patients of all ages. Shikha Duwady, a board certified family nurse practitioner in Falls Church, VA, is highly experienced in neurological work and works together with the other qualified team members to offer patients treatments to improve the quality of their lives.

Integrated Neurology Services excels in serving and providing efficient and compassionate neurology care to patients in Virginia, with four convenient locations including Alexandria, Falls Church, Lorton, and Reston. Besides the neurology services, they also offer various medical services to their patients to fulfill their needs. Their team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, always on the first line with the latest technology, to provide advanced diagnosis and treatments, including sleep studies, continuous positive airway pressure(CPAP), electromyography( EMG), electroencephalograms(EEG), and Botox treatments for migraines. They also offer telemedicine at the comfort and convenience of their patients.

The highly skilled neurologists are caring, value their patients’ needs, and strive to meet them by offering comprehensive customized care. They provide ample time for a consultation where they interact with their patients and develop useful services. They offer diagnoses and treatments for neurological problems, including concussions, dizziness, dementia, epilepsy, migraines, among others. To add to their services, they also offer treatments for sleep disorders, movement disorders, and autoimmune disorders. The Integrated Neurology Services team is friendly and welcoming to all their patients, offering them exceptional customer services.

They offer services to help conditions such as:


Stroke is among the leading causes of death today and the primary cause of disability in adults. Immediate treatment is required to help reduce the risks of the disease. The Integrated Neurology Services team is experienced in providing effective and successful stroke treatments to help manage and recover. Visit them today for the care you deserve.

Cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy usually occurs in children and infants, affecting body movement and muscle coordination, leading to motor disability. The knowledgeable and board-certified neurologists at Integrated Neurology Services provide effective and compassionate treatment options and care for people with cerebral palsy to improve their lives. Call them today for a consultation.

Sleep disorders

The qualified team at Integrated Neurology Services provides effective treatments for the most common sleep disorders, including insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, among others; visit them for care with a difference.

Neurological disorders can be painful and challenging to deal with and live with, for they ultimately affect your daily activities, not to mention your body functions. Immediate treatment is needed to reduce the risks of these health problems. Integrated Neurology Services provides effective and extensive neurology diagnosis and treatments to help patients and communities in Virginia live healthy lives. The experienced and qualified team of board-certified neurologists offer compassionate care while maintaining professionalism in developing customized care for their patients. with the use of advanced technology, they offer treatments for neurological, sleep, and movement disorders. They are welcoming to new and existing customers; visit them today in any of your convenient locations for the care you deserve.