Oral Surgery – All That You Need to Know

Most of us have had that sudden fear when the dentist recommends ‘oral surgery.’ We tend to get these questions in our minds: Will the procedure be painful? How expensive is it? Will I have to take time off from work? However, it is not as complicated as we think. It is all easy and safe, provided you are in good hands and have access to the best equipment. If you need any of the below-mentioned services, contact Dr. Maham Siddiqui to get effective and sustainable results. Here is what to expect:

Tooth extraction

Some of the wisdom teeth may fail to erupt fully or are misaligned. They may affect the surrounding teeth and cause the patient a lot of issues. While visible teeth can easily be removed using simple equipment, wisdom teeth require surgery at times.

Maxillofacial surgery

An oral surgeon may operate to correct issues in the face, jaws, and soft oral tissues. It may be necessary, especially where the jaws are not properly aligned.

Jaw and teeth repair

For facial injury or teeth that have been knocked out, reconstructive surgery is necessary. It serves to replace the missing teeth, treat gum damage, and jawbone.


It comprises the reshaping of teeth to accept veneers, bridges, and crowns. It also includes dental implants. A metal post is surgically implanted first into the jawbone to join the gum tissue and bone after replacing a missing tooth.

Preparing for Surgery

Before any surgery, the specialist will review your medical history and probably take additional X-rays. This process is important to know what exactly you need. It is also necessary to mention all the medication you take.

Follow the instructions given to you before surgery. The specialist might recommend avoiding any meal a few hours before the procedure.

Depending on the kind of operation and anesthesia to be used, it is advised you arrange for your transportation back home. Some might inhibit you from driving. You might require someone to drive you if you are tired and groggy. You can also ask the doctor any questions you might have about the surgery.

Recovery process

The surgeon will equip you with all the necessary information you might require after the surgery. Some might require you to take some time off from work; often a day or two, and avoid heavy activities. Following are a few things to expect during recovery:

  •   Pain: When the anesthesia wears off, it is normal to experience some pain and discomfort. The practitioner will prescribe pain relief medications for that time. Do not drink alcohol or smoke during this process.
  •   Swelling: Right after surgery, it is normal to experience facial swelling. It will start to go down as time progresses. During this period, you are required to avoid a certain time of foods and drinks. Consume soft foods only and rinse your mouth with salt water regularly. Give your jaw and mouth some time to heal.

For any of the mentioned dental problems or any questions regarding oral surgery, call or book an appointment with the SPA Dental Group. You will receive quality care from a team of qualified and certified dentists. Those in need of teeth whitening and periodontal services can also get in touch.