Orthodontist Dental Disorders in Children

Most children suffer dental problems as they grow. Sometimes, their jaws create bigger spaces in which their teeth do not fit properly. Other children have small and thin teeth, which when growing, they can’t fix themselves in a jaw space reserved for one tooth. These types of factors in children result in crooked or crowded teeth. It is essential for you to take your child to an orthodontist for a dental examination. Cedar Park Children’s Orthodontics is a healthcare center that deals with crooked and crowded teeth in children. The following paragraph outlines common orthodontic disorders.  

The most common orthodontic disorder in children

Orthodontics is a medical field that deals with the prevention, development, and correction of dental irregularities in children. These anomalies develop when your child is growing due to some factors in their teeth and jaws. The common Orthodontic disorders include;

  •       Overbites. This is a common orthodontic disorder in children. Overbite occurs when your Childs’ front teeth protrude far outside than the front teeth of the lower jaw.
  •       Underbites.  It’s another common type of dental disorder in children. When the lower front teeth hang far from the front teeth of your upper jaw, the condition is known as an underbite.
  •       Odd angled teeth. Sometimes teeth may grow facing an odd direction. They might move outside or inside. Odd angled teeth affect your chewing and minimize comfort.
  •       Crooked, misaligned, and crowded teeth. These disorders are very common to many children at the age of ten and fourteen.
  •       A disorder of the jaw joints. When your child suffers from an improper jaw joint, this disorder results in misaligned jaws. Misaligned jaws affect your child’s chewing ability and speaking.

Below are the importance of fixing orthodontic disorders.

Why should you fix your Childs orthodontic disorders?

Good looking and clean teeth is a path to your overall health. An orthodontist helps your child to have a perfect smile and ensure proper faction of your teeth. Protruding lower or upper front teeth affect your bite, chewing, and speaking. Corrected overbites and underbites enhance good bites and talking to your child.  Misaligned teeth are very embarrassing in front of friends since they don’t get clean, and they reserve a lot of infectious bacteria. Fixed crooked and crowded teeth are easy to clean and give out a perfect smile.

Odd angled teeth bring a lot of problems to children. They affect your speaking and chewing ability. To some extent, an oddly angled tooth can cause injury to friends during playing since some of these teeth protrude outside the mouth. They can make your saliva flow out of your Childs mouth unknowingly. It is vital to correct the irregularity before it gets worse.

Dental health plays a significant role during the growth of your child. A healthy mouth brings a pleasing smile, proper chewing, and speaking. Conditions like crooked teeth, overbite, and underbite affect children as they develop. These conditions cause severe problems like talking, eating, and bad breath. Teeth with such conditions are hard to clean, hence they store germs that lead to gum diseases and decay. Freedom Orthodontics is a health care that fixes, prevents, and diagnoses any orthodontic disorder affecting your child.