Pain Management by Garden State Pain Control Center

Garden State Pain Control is an Orthopedic and pain management control center located in Clifton, Hazlet, Jersey City, and Edison. The facility incorporates the use of advanced medical technology to enhance the efficiency of its services. The Jersey City back pain specialists are highly trained and experienced in pain management procedures. The providers offer multiple services using a multidisciplinary approach to provide individualized care. Let’s find out more about the facility.

About Providers

Garden State Pain Control has physicians who specialize in diverse medical fields. The practitioners incorporate their knowledge in performing proper diagnosis and customized care to treat patients of their acute and chronic pain conditions. The doctors have expertise in the latest pain management techniques and advanced innovative procedures in pain relief.

What is Back Pain?

Back pains affect an individual’s ability to perform day-to-day activities. This condition results from various back problems, resulting from an accident, and conditions such as spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. Multiple conditions can cause back pains. Garden State Pain Control focuses on treating conditions such as pinched nerve, disc degeneration, torn or pulled discs, lumbar radiculopathy or herniation, and slipped disc. The practitioners aim at helping patients reclaim their quality of life through these treatments.

Is Back Pain Treatable Through Surgery Commendable?

Patients should not resolve to back pain treatment through surgery. Surgeries are very risky and may end up causing more damage to your back. Often, most patients who undergo surgery require a second one within a decade-span to treat their condition. Instead, patients should result in minimally invasive procedures and therapies.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Chronic Back Pain

The providers at the center offer a wide range of non-surgical treatments to all chronic conditions causing back pain. The physicians perform a thorough diagnosis, and a cross-check on patients’ past medical records before administering any form of treatment. The following are some of the treatments provided at the center.

Lumbar Interlaminar Steroid Injection

This injection reaches multiple nerves and functions similarly as a transforaminal epidural spinal injection.

Lumbar Facet Block

The facet joints in your back connect your spine’s vertebral cord. This injection relieves pain and by reducing inflammation on your lower back.

 Lumbar radiofrequency ablation

This treatment procedure prevents specific nerves from sending pain stimulation signals to your brain receptors. Often used to treat conditions such as disc degeneration and arthritis.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

The providers incorporate advanced medical technology to perform this procedure. They place a device on your skin, and it sends mild electrical shocks to your spine. This stimulation blocks nerves from sending pain signals to your brain receptors.

Intrathecal Pain Jump

This device pumps medication directly to the intrathecal space of your spine. This device programming allows it to inject the pain medication periodically. You visit the doctor for refills.


The providers emphasize patient education through their blog articles. Patients can check out these articles on their website and learn more about pain management procedures and how they can prevent themselves from various chronic pain conditions.


The facility accepts and appreciates feedback from their patients. To date, the facility boasts a 5 out of 5-star rating on 47 reviews. Check out testimonials from various patients on their website.

In conclusion, Garden State Pain Management aims at restoring the quality of life in their patients through their treatments. The physicians provide individualized care to every patient, completely relieving them of any condition. Call the center today or schedule an online appointment.