Professional air ambulance

 There are various circumstances in your life when you need the professional help. Sometimes, when something wrong happens to your close relatives or friends, it is worth to think about professional air ambulance and transport the patient to your local hospital where the better care is offered. This article will tell more about air ambulance and ways how to use it in a difficult period of your life.

  1. How many hours does the air ambulance need to take off?
  2. Where can the air ambulance go?
  3. Who brings the patient to the airport?
  4. The cost of air ambulance services

How many hours does the air ambulance need to take off?

It all depends on the current patient’s situation. The professional team who serves the air ambulance flights is ready to go 24/7. The whole preparations last about one hour. The team consists of multilingual experts who can organise the transport in every place in the world. However, sometimes visa is required so it can take a little bit more before they take off to bring the patient home.

Where can the air ambulance go?

The services of air ambulance are available to every corner of the globe. There is no limitation. Moreover, sometimes the preparations take a little bit longer because of formal requirements of particular countries. Nevertheless, the team is always ready to take off – 24/7.

Who brings the patient to the airport?

When the patient as well as his/her close family make the decision to get home, the procedure starts. At the beginning, the air ambulance team contacts the hospital where the patient is located or him/her in person. When there is a need, the bed-to-bed service is provided to the airport using the road ambulance. It is very convenient and extremely safe for the patient.

The cost of air ambulance

A lot of people are curious about the air ambulance cost. However, it is not so huge as they may expect. Nevertheless, it is worth to underline that the final cost depends on few factors that are following:

– condition of the patient – the significant part of the air ambulance cost depends on the patient’s condition – if he or she requires additional medical services, the cost increases.

– the way of the transport – during the transport may be used road ambulance and assistance of medical staff – in this case the cost is also bigger.

– the type of used aircraft – our company has many planes to choose from. The plane is selected in accordance to the patient’s conditions as well as financial possibilities of the family.